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Dark elves return to Kinship (rp post)

Discussion in 'UO Catskills' started by Ellie Greymist, Apr 11, 2008.

  1. Hail and Blessed Be to all!
    Residents of Kinship Village and the surrounding area and members of the fellowship known as Senior Citizens of Britannia may have noticed a new dwelling in the town center which appeared at the first quarter of the moon. Allow me to shed some light on this.
    Erda and I lived quietly in a small villa next to the Kinship Tavern. Our goddess Dridonia charged us with guardianship over Celesta (who most of you know as the Barefoot Princess). Celesta was cast into this world before the troubled time of old when Minax and her minions besieged Trinsic of the Holy Knights. The defeat of Trinsic preceeded the rift in the world which left fair Kinship in the side of death and chaos. Celesta was to prove herself by using her powers of charming dragonkind and their fellows to aid the species and free them from domination by evil. She was also to aid humankind in the struggle to master the epower of the virtues to overcome their enemies. Princess Celesta did indeed try and we departed from Kinship convinced that she was capable of her destiny, but she was diverted from her quest by the enticements of this world. She befriended a thief, daughter of a pirate who lured her into accepting gifts of blackrock and, even worse, plunder from the city of Magincia. Dridonia howled when she observed this and sent us back to Kinship. Mercifully she offered the Princess one more chance to prove herself and the one you know as "Barefoot" wears a cloak of humility and dwells in a small cottage build of rubble from the city of Magincia. We will remain close by, in stealth mostly, to observe what will be. We are of course aware that Celesta's biggest challenge awaits her in the coming months following the appearance of the rift in Moonglow.
  2. SinDee

    SinDee Seasoned Veteran

    Please forgive me for asking but are they any roleplaying dark elf guilds on cats?
  3. Qu'Ellar D'Szith Szithrel Solen [Drw], gm is Glenni,Tiroth

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