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[Developer Blog] NVIDIA Video Card for PLEX Offer

Discussion in 'EVE News' started by EVE News, Apr 11, 2012.

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    If you were attending Fanfest 2012 or watching the live stream, you may remember the graphics technology section of the CCP Presents! keynote, with our partners NVIDIA, and the stunning possibilities for future developments of EVE’s look and feel. As well as presenting an amazing demonstration of new technology in the field, Halldor Fannar (CCP CTO) and Tony Tamasi (NVIDIA Senior Vice President Content and Technology) announced a unique special offer enabling the exchange of PLEX for the GeForce GTX 560 NVIDIA video card.
    We’re delighted to offer an opportunity for pilots to enhance their EVE experience in a very direct way by translating a portion of their in-game wealth into a high-end DirectX 11 video card via our highly successful PLEX mechanism. Our Fanfest tickets for PLEX option has allowed dedicated pilots to expand their EVE experience in real life through their skill at playing the game. Now you can use your EVE power and wealth to upgrade your gaming rig.
    At present, we are able to offer a limited stock of 100 GeForce GTX 560 video cards to EVE Online account holders for the price of 20 PLEX each. This offer is limited to one purchase per active account and the stock of 100 cards will be sold on a first come, first served basis. To take advantage of the offer it is necessary to have 20 PLEX available in your account’s redeeming system. Please read the offer’s terms and conditions in full before making your purchase.
    We are proceeding carefully, with a limited stock at this time, to enable us to evaluate any impacts of this unique and innovative offer on the EVE economy, and understand any challenges arising from this form of exchange of game world currency for real world goods.
    This offer will be available through Account Management from 16:00 UTC/GMT on April 12th. As ever, we are looking forward to your feedback on this topic.

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    Returning pilot? Visit Account Management for the latest offers and promotions.

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