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Great news for Europa....The soulstone graveyard is just about back!

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by THP, Feb 12, 2010.

  1. THP

    THP Stratics Legend Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    I see the new curator of the soulstone graveyard Padraic as started making the new graveyard on the southern tip of trinny plains...more news to follow iam sure...

    Keep up the good work Europa!! and donate any stones to padraic....or indeed me still and i will pas them on to the new curator!!
  2. Drakhan

    Drakhan Adventurer

    Cool, thanks a lot for all the work.
  3. Paidric

    Paidric Guest

    Hello, interestingly enough I did post about the reopening yesterday but it seems it didn't went through...
    Tonight I'm deadbeat so I'll just give up on posting again but here's the link with the location of the graveyard and how to "use it".

    Soulstone Graveyard
  4. THP

    THP Stratics Legend Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Paidric most of the boxes cannot be opened...u need fix this!!!

    ....AND eUROPA U need to embrace this!!!

    ..........and Paidric u need to publize it!!!!

    just dropped off another 20 stones in the mailbox!!
  5. ZidjiN

    ZidjiN Babbling Loonie Stratics Veteran

    If i find my Disco, LP & Cartostones im going to be SOOOOO happy! :stretcher:
  6. loki danu

    loki danu Journeyman

    lost one ages ago so long even i cannot remeber if it had anything on it

    cannot even remeber if it was red or green

    cannot open alot of the boxes at the house
  7. ZidjiN

    ZidjiN Babbling Loonie Stratics Veteran

    Or blue ;)
  8. jack flash uk

    jack flash uk Crazed Zealot Stratics Veteran

    i have been dropping off Frags in the mailbox, you taking these aswell?

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