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My Review About New MMORPG RODE

Discussion in 'Gaming & Industry Buzz' started by fengzi597, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. fengzi597

    fengzi597 Adventurer

    :):)After I heard the news that RODE released on March 9, I can't wait for playing it. Last week, I started to play this game. The following is a brief introduction and my other personal views about RODE.

    Rise of Dragonian Era (RODE) is a new free MMORPG of unique characters and magical creatures, which takes place in a chaotic world of Piral separated by two lord dragons, Firean (representing the West) and Azurian (representing the East). It takes the feeling of flight to new levels with break neck speed dragon mounts and epic siege battles. For now, Mgame USA has set an official release date of March 9, 2012. You will find a new and immersive fantasy world of dragons, conflict, and adventure.

    Official Site: http://rode.netgame.com/

    Graphics: 8/10
    The graphics in this game actually look pretty good. I think the Character models are most pleasing to look at, which are highly customizable all the way through size of shoulders, chest, length of legs, and more. Unfortunately, the terrain graphics are a little dated. The textures in some areas of the land look fairly basic.

    Sound: 7.5/10
    The sound of this game is nice. I has heard that it features voice over from many famous voice actors for NPCs dialogues as well as engaging cutscenes. But the voice is a bit melodramatic for me.

    Gameplay: 9/10
    The gameplay is fun. You have a number of races, classes, and specializations as you embark on a sword-slinging and spell-casting journey. Apart from any other f2p mmos, difficulty/challenge level is perfect. It is chock full of quests and living is not difficult at all. Until now, the bosses and dungeons on this game are apparantly a bit hard for me.In addition, another unique gameplay is that RODE allows players to not only ride dragons for aerial combat, but raise and evolve their own dragon mount as well.

    Gameplay videoļ¼š


    Customization: 8/10
    This game has very detailed customization as well as perfect world. You can choose different types of details which help make your character look fairly different, coz there are 3-4 choices for the options of the face, hair, body, and so on. For instance, you can go to the body customization and edit whatever you like, such as head size, neck width/height, shoulder spacing from your body, hand and foot size, and so on. The choices are so many that I can only remember a few.

    Unique Features:
    1.Dragon Riding system is awesome. Aboard Dragons and Aerial Combat! You can freely ride your dragon and engage in battles in the air. The death defying aerial battles are truly breath taking.
    2.RODE has many stylized castles that are controlled by each nation. Apart from other F2P online games, players will get a new forthcoming castle siege mode after launching.
    3.This game is heavily PVP oriented. PvP region wars regularly arise between the two nations. Take up arms as either Azurian or Firean to defend the honor of your land and prestige dragon.
    4.Crafting system is one of the most unique systems in this game. The crafting is extensive and excellent. I has got tons of crafting mats, which seems that crafting is a major role of this game.
    5.Pet system is advanced. At the beginning of the game, a pet dragon hatching from a special egg is given to players. It will grow up to a mount after training.

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