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[Great Lakes] Please.. help me get a decent Greater Dragon...

Discussion in 'Pet Procurers Inc' started by Eric Ravenwind, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. Eric Ravenwind

    Eric Ravenwind Seasoned Veteran

    I'm 120.0 Animal Taming, Animal Lore, Veterenary, Musicianship, Discordance & GM Magery.

    I suck, SUCK!! @ taming aggressive creatures... could someone please help me tame, or sell me at least a 4.0 Greater Dragon? Also, if some people could find the time to teach me how to tame aggressive monsters, that would be soooo cool.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. jeza

    jeza Journeyman


    Sorry I'm on Drachs so I can't help you directly. Still I can give you 2 advices, helpful i hope ;)

    First, as your char is already a bard tamer, if you can have soulstones train peace.
    For everything except GD you can just use peace to tame aggressive pets
    To tame a GD, the easiest way, specially if you're not comfortable with lead taming (not easy to do, that's why I have peace :p) is to use honor.

    You gain honor while fighting mobs with bad karma and high fame, honor them before they take damage and you'll gain honor when they die.
    If you have a cu sidhe the best way is the succubi in the fan dancer dojo, but you can begin with ogre lords if it's easiest for you, they can help you rise honor quite a bit.
    With a very good Cu well trained (he'll be after the succubi) you can gain the last level of honor even faster with the balron on the last level of the dojo. Though be cautious you'll have to heal your pet quite a lot. Remember to never peace the mob you try to gain honor with, you can area peace, just don't calm the mob or no honor gained (don't know about discord though ...).
    Once your honor is high (knight is best) you can go look for a good GD, use peace and invis (area peace and invis to break aggro and be able to lore the GDs until you find the right one. You can't peace a GD directly, you'll fail most of the time at 120 peace/music with a dragon slayer instrument). Once you found the keeper you want, honor yourself BEFORE he becomes aggressive (before he sees you) and then you'll have some minutes while no mob will attack you, even the GD. You can tame easily then :)
  3. Eric Ravenwind

    Eric Ravenwind Seasoned Veteran

    Can anybody help?

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