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Information - Kingdom Reborn [2.0]

Quick Overview

A step in the right direction... join the movement
Created at:
Aug 2, 2016
Kingdom Reborn [2.0]
Discussion Messages:


Hi, i'm a passionate UO player that would love to see this game become great again. Sadly it's been on a decline for years now and without some major changes I fear for it's future. Here's what I propose...

1) Graphics: The best UO client to come out since the classic was Kingdom Reborn (UO:KR). Sure it might have been buggy and still in the testing phase but at least it was a step in the right direction with updated graphics. It's the only way to make UO marketable again and attract new players to our unique game. In my opinion UO looks best in 2D or 2.5D (Not 3D) and I really wish they would bring back the KR client

2) Economy: This has been inflated for years now and we need to fix it or at least try. Adding more gold sinks or selling specialty items for in game gold could help with this (ex: Hair Dyes, Tattoos, Piercings, Mounts, Pets, Decorations, Weapons & Armor Dyes etc). I would say we sell those items between 100m and 1b in order to remove large amounts of gold from the game

Another idea would be to do a gold swipe like they've done in the past by deleting the gold from the cheaters and dupers. This should be done every year and would delete billions upon billions of gold from the economy

3) F2P: We should remove trial accounts and make UO free to play under the same ruleset. This would attract new/old players to play the game and avoid any abuse with the following restrictions (In 2018 Broadsword created Endless Journey – Ultima Online, which is similar to an unlimited trial account :thumbup:)
  • Players are not allowed to place or own a house
  • Players are not allowed to co-own or be traded a house
  • Travel restrictions –
    • Cannot visit Felucca dungeons or Felucca T2A
  • Resource restrictions –
    • Will only receive basic ores and logs (iron, plain logs) even if they’d otherwise qualify for better types
    • Will not receive sand or stone when mining
  • Misc. restrictions –
    • Will not receive ML rewards for resource gathering (jewels, ingredients, and white pearls while fishing)
    • Will not receive rewards, monster kill points, or virtue points from champ spawns
    • Will not get scrolls while doing champ spawns
    • Will not gain Justice virtue points for killing murderers
    • Cannot use Valor or Justice virtues
    • Cannot Protect or be Protected by another player
    • Cannot use Scrolls of Alacrity, Power Scrolls, Stat Scrolls, or Scrolls of Transcendence
    • Cannot use Commodity Deeds
    • Cannot do Community Collections
    • Cannot use Soulstone Fragments *Edited*
    • Cannot use Pet summoning balls
    • Cannot use Bracelets of Binding
    • Cannot use the Bag of Sending
    • Cannot do any repeatable quests – even if they are normally repeatable
    • Cannot acquire BOD’s
    • Can only join the Help Channel of Global Chat
4) Daily Incentive: Just like veteran rewards, I think UO should add a daily reward system for players that login. It could be a spinning wheel that pops up when you login and offers a daily spin, rewards could range from temporary skill buffs to rare items that are [Replica] or account bound. It would encourage people to login daily and a chance for new players to get a rare item

5) Freeshards: One thing I would like EA/Broadsword to do is to pursue the freeshards, shut them down and offer it's players an incentive to switch over to production (few Mythic tokens, some gold and a small house on a dead shard). There's probably thousands of UO players on these shards and it's loss revenue, plus it's illegal... however at this point going after them might cost too much legally and is probably too late since the damage is already done. EA/Broadsword should instead copy them and use their ideas, as there's events/items/housing changes that would benefit greatly UO Prodo Shards

Additional Notes: UO2 and shard merges were a bad idea, let's bring people back instead of killing the game... no one will want to start over and lose all they've accumulated in the years

Let's Make UO Great Again!



Last Updated: May 2, 2017, Updated By: Archnight



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