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Information - NOOB

Quick Overview

Devoted to assisting new and returning players on Siege Perilous.
Created at:
Apr 26, 2017
Discussion Messages:


Siege Perilous is an exciting shard unlike any other in Sosaria, rich with diversity and culture. The freedom of Siege is unparalleled. Learning the customs here can be painful, because what you say and do actually matters.

[NOOB] is the current incarnation in a long standing shard tradition of offering assistance to new players, or to those who have been away a long time. It is a community effort, as many people from many guilds contribute to its well being.

So long as you abide by the Treaty of Neutrality, dress humbly, and do not make a nuisance of yourself, the majority of players on Siege will honor your 'young player' status. This encourages you to explore Siege with an open mind, train your skills, and meet the people that call this shard home.


The rules are fairly simple.
Last Updated: Apr 26, 2017, Updated By: Ptarmigan


Membership is about a month. You must display the NOOB guild tag at all times. Hiding the tag to commit an offense is not permitted. You must also display the guild subtitle at all times. This title is the date that you joined, and allows Siege players to see how long until you graduate.

You may do as you wish once you graduate, but to maintain the Treaty of Neutrality, you may not attack, kill, loot, rob, or cheat any player. You must comport yourself in a respectful manner.

You may defend yourself if attacked, but you may never strike the first blow. Do not intervene in a fight already in progress, even if one party is your own guild mate or otherwise appears innocent. Once a battle is over, you may not seek revenge until after you graduate.

There is no commitment to NOOB. If you find a new guild before your month has ended, or if you find you simply cannot tolerate neutrality, then you are free to leave without any ill will towards you.

Membership Requirements

It is the belief of the NOOB leadership that a balance of Yin and Yang is needed to maintain a healthy and vibrant population. To that end, NOOB accepts players of ALL types.

This means that future PvMers, crafters, role players, murderers, thieves, etc are all welcome. If you agree to the terms, and can control yourself for the duration of your stay, you are welcome in NOOB regardless of what role you intend to offer Siege upon your graduation.


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