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Information - House Lynn'Dannae [LDH}

Quick Overview

Death begets life. For the glory of the House. (Siege Perilous)
Created at:
Jun 24, 2014
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One of the original guilds of Siege Perilous. This venerable Ducal House was founded in and around the Village of Cove. Governed by two heads, the head of state and it's temporal ruler was the head of the family Lynn'Dannae. The last of that name was Quinn Lynn'Dannae, who succeeded Kira Lynn'Dannae. The head of governance was held by the high priest of the druidic Order of Thorns. The current Ard Draoi being Donal Mor, who succeeded Salo the Fallen. Donal Mor was also the late head of the Tuath An Inisfa'il who landed on the shores of Brittannia after fleeing the destruction of Paws on the lost shard of Napa.

The House Lynn'Dannae might best be described in its origins as a hard core RP guild. It's alignment was typically neutral. The House generally opposed the rule of Lord British finding his laws unjust and tyrannical. The House sought the independence of the Village of Cove and its environs. When it came to the Unlife (undead) the House could be found firmly in opposition. The House fought long wars against the Undead (UND), the Undead Lords (UDL), and most importantly the Dark Tower (DT) of the vampire Lord Herog.




Membership Requirements

Historically the guild approached those who demonstrated a consistent RP play style.


  • Siege Perilous