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Information - United We Fight [UWF]

Quick Overview

Fun and Fellowship and We Still Train the Best!
Created at:
Apr 22, 2014
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If you wish to join UWF, please visit our web site at United We Fight and select "Join UWF" from the left menu.


Our mission is to establish and maintain an environment that emphasizes fun, fellowship, and mutual support in order to enhance the enjoyment and gameplay experience of our members. Further, we seek to organize regular events to keep members interested and challenged. Pursuant this mission, we maintain an anti-war, Trammel-based focus that aims to forego any guild rivalries or ill-will created by Felucca-based, player versus player (PvP) activities.


We are a diverse group of people from ages 18 to older than 70, representing several racial and ethnic backgrounds. Our members live all over the world, including Puerto Rico, the Philippines, Austria, Italy, Taiwan, Britain, Australia, and throughout the United States. Our occupations are as diverse as our membership, spanning innumerable professions and trades. We are especially grateful to the high percentage of our members who are active duty military or veterans.

UWF typically consists of between 600 and 700 characters representing over 100 people, all of whom embrace our core mission: to maintain an environment that emphasizes fun, fellowship, and mutual support. Despite our size, our vibrant forums community allows us to get to know one another personally. Over the past decade, we have managed to build a close group of friends, bound together by mutual respect, an enjoyment of fellowship, a love of the game, and pride in our guild. If you are looking for a guild that offers the close-knit feel of a smaller guild, but is also active and affords its members with many hunting opportunities, UWF might be your new home.


Due to our size, guild chat is alive with conversation and is our primary mode of communication. Our vibrant forums community also serves as an important hub for guild interaction. Although we do not endorse or monitor official instant messaging or voice chat applications, several of our members use programs such as ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, Team Speak, and Vent.


1) Regular Guild Hunts – We host official guild hunts Wednesday through Monday at 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST). Weekly guild meetings are held on Tuesdays during this same time period. Our Hunt Leaders are official members of the UWF leadership team and are knowledgeable about the processes and nuances of UO hunting. A Hunt Leader is assigned to each night of the week and will aim to organize challenging, enjoyable, and occasionally profitable hunting opportunities.

2) Special Events – Although UWF does not have a designated schedule for conducting special events, many of our members have organized unique and enjoyable activities over the past several years, including scavenger hunts, auctions, Doom gauntlet expeditions, role-playing scenarios, banquets, and “fight nights.” All of our members, regardless of their role in the guild, are invited to organize and promote special events.

3) Mutual Support – UWF is a family. Whenever possible, our members aim to provide speedy rescues, basic necessities to new players, and crafting and imbuing assistance, not to mention advice on skill training, templates, armor, weapons, hunting, crafting, etc. “Mutual support” is an important concept in UWF: all members – new players and veterans alike – should be eager to help their fellow guild mates, and should expect an eager response in return.

4) Rune Library – The UWF Rune Library is located next door to the guild’s castle, directly adjacent to the west. The first floor of the rune library includes runes to areas throughout Britannia, treasure map locations, a crystal portal, bookshelves brimming with books, and a teleporter linked to the guild house. The second floor contains quest-specific runebooks, as well as runes to some of our favorite hunting spots. The top floor of the library offers a public soul forge and commodity deed box. Lion, UWF Emissary and proprietor of the Rune Library, also offers free vendors to members, as space allows. All of these amenities are available to our members at any time, free of charge.

5) Donation Chests – We have many donation chests inside of our guild house that allow veteran members to lend a helping hand to new players. Items within these donation chests are only accessible by guild members. Members are encouraged to partake freely, bearing in mind what they can actually use versus what other members might have need of. These items are not for resale.

6) Training – One of UWF’s primary objectives is to orient and educate new and returning players. Many of our members are highly knowledgeable about game processes, skill training, hunting practices, craftsmanship, and template building. New and returning players are invited to request help from these members, both in game and through forums.


United We Fight is not a democracy, but a benevolent monarchy, aided by a council of formal leadership. We do not vote on our mission or rules of conduct. The Guild Master, per his official duties, establishes and maintains the direction and focus of the guild. The formal leadership team consists of Emissaries and Hunt Leaders. These leaders are responsible for recruiting new members, leading hunts, organizing and conducting special activities, and overseeing the day-to-day operations of the guild in the absence of the Guild Master.

The UWF Code of Conduct, which has been developed and refined over the past decade, is simple and reasonable. Because UWF consists entirely of adult members, the guild tries hard not to interfere with the gameplay or activities of its members beyond the expectation that members comply with the Code of Conduct, support the UWF Charter, and generally get along.

United We Fight is one guild, forever united: it is not divided into sub-groups or divisions that might lead to exclusivity or alienation. Participation in guild activities, while not required, is open to all members equally. Accordingly, members are expected to treat one another respectfully and make every effort to be inclusive.


United We Fight consists of both formal and informal leaders. All of our leaders, including our Guild Master and Emissaries, are unpaid volunteers, who pay subscription fees just like any other player. Recruitment and creativity are not limited to the formal guild leadership. All members are invited to recruit new members, organize hunts, and sponsor special events. The leadership does not own United We Fight: UWF belongs to its members, who have worked hard to make UWF the best guild in UO. Descriptions of our formal and informal leadership positions are as follows:

Formal Guild Leadership

Guild Master

  • Establish the direction of the mission, charter, and code of conduct
  • Oversee guild activities
  • Appoint Emissaries and Hunt Leaders
  • Promote good communication with members through a weekly guild meeting, distribution of guild meeting minutes, and administration of the guild website
  • Discipline members on those rare occasions when it is necessary

  • Fully support the UWF charter and resign if he or she can no longer do so
  • Demonstrate good people skills, to include patience
  • Exercise mature, sound judgment
  • Demonstrate good communication skills
  • Prove a good judge of character
  • Possess sufficient UO experience to be knowledgeable of UO processes and skills
  • Show a willingness and ability to lead hunts
  • Offer advice to the guild master, as appropriate or requested
  • Recruit new members who are over 18 years of age and who are willing to comply with the UWF Code of Conduct
  • Assist in orienting new members and making them feel welcome
  • Serve as an information resource for other members of the guild
  • Organize, oversee, and/or assist in conducting special guild events and activities
  • Lead hunts
  • Inform the Guild Master of attacks on the guild
  • Take immediate action in the absence of the Guild Master to address emergency situations
Knights of Honor

  • A Knight of Honor’s qualifications are like those of an Emissary
  • Promote guild harmony
  • Assist Emissaries with their duties, including guilding process
  • Champion and lead special projects
  • Plan, organize, and conduct irregular events
Hunt Leaders

  • A Hunt Leader’s qualifications are like those of an Emissary.
  • Ensure that hunts begin and end on time
  • Choose hunt locations
  • Offer hunters location-specific advice
  • Specify who is to loot and how loot will be divided between participants
  • Provide direction throughout the hunt
  • Divide the hunt loot between all hunters who choose to partake and leave one share to the guild
  • Oversee the rolling of dice to determine the distribution of artifacts, paragon chests, and level six treasure maps.
Informal Guild Leadership
Honor Guards

  • An Honor Guard is a member who has been formally recognized for their dedication to the guild and for demonstrating their conformity to UWF’s mission to promote fun, fellowship, and mutual support.

United We Fight does not currently host or participate in alliances.


Last Updated: Oct 23, 2018, Updated By: MadMartyr



As an adult guild, United We Fight works very hard to avoid being heavy-handed. Because our members are adults, we believe that they should be able to play the game however they choose. Our only rules are those necessary for the preservation of our essential mission: to promote fun, fellowship, and mutual support.


If you wish to join UWF, please visit our web site at United We Fight and select "Join UWF" from the left menu.


  • Do not murder (PK) guild mates. Sparring must be mutual.
  • Do not steal from guild mates or scam guild mates.
  • Avoid the use of offensive language or themes, especially in guild chat.
  • Treat your guild mates with respect. Be friendly and inclusive. Do not monopolize the time of guild mates or demand assistance, but be grateful when assistance is offered.
  • Do not monopolize guild chat. Prolonged conversations should take place using voice chat, instant messaging applications, party chat, or face-to-face meetings.


  • Do not organize Felucca-based events in guild chat. Instead, use voice chat, instant messaging applications, party chat, or meet face-to-face when planning Felucca ventures. “Guild chat” is the operative term.
  • Do not call for help from Felucca using guild chat. Again, use alternate mediums of communication.

The purpose of our Felucca rules is to prevent rivalries from developing, vengeance from festering, or any other conflicts associated with PvPing from erupting. These baser impulses tend to create drama, which is directly opposed to our mission: fun, fellowship, and mutual support. Please take precautions to avoid dragging the guild into conflict, to include exercising good sportsmanship when your guild tags are displayed.


  • Try to be on time so you don’t miss instructions and so the hunt isn’t disrupted while you inquire into location, opponent, etc.
  • Listen to and follow Hunt Leader instructions.
  • Stay for the entire hunt unless unforeseen events make you log out. If so, let everyone know you are leaving. Don’t leave just to undertake a different activity.
  • Do not engage in activities that would conflict with the guild hunt (e.g., calling for peerless volunteers when there isn’t time to finish it before the guild hunt starts).
  • Do not call hunters away from the guild hunt to participate in other activities.
  • Do not run and lead a paragon off – this makes it impossible for tamers to heal their pets.
  • Warriors cross heal and mages cast heal and cure. Mages also keep EVs cast.
  • Everyone loot unless directed otherwise. Loot will be split at the end of the hunt.
  • Do not stray away from the main body. Stay together.
  • Leave when the Hunt Leader announces the end of the hunt. Follow instructions in leaving.

Membership Requirements

If you are at least 18 years of age, mature enough to abide by our Charter and Code of Conduct, and enjoy interacting with a large, well-organized group of fun-loving adults, UWF might be your new home!


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