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Information - Secret Society S|S

Quick Overview

To live by the code or die by the code.
Created at:
Nov 25, 2014
Secret Society
Discussion Messages:


A Siege Perilous thief guild. Originally created on the Atlantic shard, but moved over to Siege Perilous after the launch of UO's infamous publish 16.



1. Thou shalt not steal from or loot fellow thieves.
2. Thou shalt not purposely reveal fellow thieves.
3. Thou shalt not identify disguised thieves.
4. Thou shalt not kill fellow thieves.
5. Thou shalt not follow fellow thieves around telling people that they are thieves.
6. Thou shalt offer aid and comfort to fellow thieves when possible.
7. Thou shalt not ask stupid questions that are thoroughly covered in the FAQ.
8. Thou shalt check the forum to see if thine question has already been answered.
9. Thou shalt retain a sense of humor.
10. Thou shalt not call thyself a thief if thou hast not stolen from thine fellow player.
11. Thou shalt remember that thine profession is spelled thief and not theif.

Membership Requirements

Be a member of the NPC thief guild.
Follow the code.


  • Siege Perilous