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Information - The Children of Darkness

Quick Overview

An eccentric Earth-based coven of vampires based on the lore of The Vampire Chronicles.
Created at:
May 3, 2014
Discussion Messages:


Guild Name [Abbreviation]:
The Children of Darkness [CoD]

Lady Pandora

In Character Leaders:
Lady Pandora de Romanus, Countess of Britain Appointed by Lord British
Lord Marius de Romanus, Count of Britain Appointed by Lord British

In Character Councilmembers:
Armand de Romanus
Bianca Solderini
Lestat de Lioncount
Louis de Point du Lac
Amroth de Plinius
Cherilyn Spyergenanbaum (aka Cherry Spy)

Leadership Structure:
As the caretakers of the Divine Parents, Pandora/Marius lead this coven of vampires that have a lingering respect for human life, based on the lore behind the Anne Rice books as well as some from Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles.

Economic Structure:
Barter, trade, and profit. We're business-centric vampires, and as such we absolutely must keep up our appearances and keep our true nature hidden, except from those we trust.

Player-Ran Establishments:
CoD runs several player ran establishments within their territories and often acquire more territories in various places, expanding their empire. We also own several establishments that are associated with other guilds we run, such as the RBG of Umbra or the Order of the Draco or the Cult of the Fallen.

VAMP'S LAIR (or just "the Lair") (MALAS)
Vamp's Lair is our main player-ran city that we named after the excessive spawns during mating season of vampire bats everywhere, and houses the following:
  • The Dark Tower (Guild Tower & HQ)
  • The Church of the Sun (Wedding Chapel, Reception Hall, and Main Garden)
  • The Resting Souls (Graveyard, Mausoleums, and Memorial Gardens)
  • The Millennia Nightclub (A nightclub, with a dance floor and stage)
  • The Bloody Brew (Tavern open to all, alive or undead --- any supernaturals are in masquerade)
  • Haven House and Britain's Public Library, Umbra Division (A small rune library as well as documented history of CoD and player-written books, with an Inn for visitors of the city.)
  • The Romanus Manor (Private Residence of Pandora and Marius)
  • Villa Vizcaya (Private Residence of Armand and Merida)
  • A Thousand Ways Park (For Teleporting to and from our other territories)
  • Legion Headquarters (The military division of our coven)
  • Gateway Park (A teleporting house at Umbra Street near our gated city)
  • House of Dragons (Private Residence of Lord Tanis Dragonbane)
  • House Majere (Private Residence of Morgasse and Kitiara Majere)
  • Secret Underground Lair (known as the Catacombs) for Members of CoD (Fictional)
CoD has long been the primary owner of the Spirit Tower in Felucca, dating back to the release of the game. This area has once again beenn acquired by CoD and is now known as "Trinsic Hold"... located just out of the city, right by the Shrine of Spirituality. It boasts:
  • The Death Tower (A historic home for us; houses our High Council Meetings)
  • The Spirtdwellers Park (A teleporting house for our other territories)
  • Lakeview Estates
    • Cottage 1 (Vacation Residence)
    • Cottage 2 (Vacation Residence)
    • Cottage 3 (Vacation Residence)
    • Villa de Nibia (Private Residence)
    • Estrella Estate (Private Residence)
    • Lakeview Spa & Massage
CoD managed to keep some of its old properties in East Britain, and has since added to them in a town we now call "Cindervale" because the trees in Felucca look like they have been burnt off their leaves.
  • Helter House (Private Residence)
  • Fort Salem (Private Residence)
  • Honorarium di Patria (Private Residence)
  • East Britain Outpost (Private Teleporter House & Small Office)
CoD maintains several leaseholds with the city of Umbra and functions as a protectorate of the city. We currently have in character lease agreements with:
  • The Necromantic Amphitheatre (Lease)
  • The Bloodletters Healers Guild (Lease)
  • Critter Pens Stables (Lease)
  • Wailing Banshee Inn (Lease)
CoD also has expanded the city of West Umbra to include the following additional buildings just across the west bridge of Umbra:
  • The Trade Center of Umbra
  • The Umbra Mall
  • The Umbra School for the Gifted
  • Umbra's Orphanage & Dormitories
  • Forest View Apartments (Private Residences & Musical Studio)
  • Cityscape Park (Teleporter House)
  • West Park Apartments, Phase I (Private Apartments for Lease)
  • West Park Apartments, Phase II (Private Apartments for Lease)
  • RBG Headquarters (For the RBG of Umbra)
  • Umbra City Courthouse & Jail
  • Solderini Ltd. Fashion House
Cod maintains a small apartment complex called Forest Circle Apartments that are available for lease.
  • Forest Circle Park (Teleporter House)
  • Phase I (4 Studios, 2 Lofts, 2 Apartments)
  • Phase II (4 Studios, 3 Apartments)
  • Phase III (4 Apartments)

A recent addition to CoD's long list of territories, we have officially become a "FRANCHISE" by opening up taverns in various areas. The tavern will function as the main hangout of the RBG.
  • Crescent Moon Tavern & Boutiques
CoD also engulfs a sister guild that was created to rival their own characters called "The Order of the Draco". Encompassing a a newly formed city of 12 buildings called Winterhaven, it is located just east of Luna, outside the walls near the mountains.
  • Darkvale Tavern & Brewery
  • Sunderland (Guild Headquarters & Training Facility)
  • Villa d'Este (Private Residence of the Leaders: David Draco and his wife Zeeke Draco)
  • Dragon's Head (Council Offices)
  • Dracaris Estates (Private Residence, 3 Townhomes)
  • Blackburn Estate (Private Residence)
  • Brookstone Manor (Private Residence)
  • North Park Estates (Apartment Housing for Lease)
    • Phase I (3 Apartments)
    • Phase II (2 Apartments, 2 Lofts)
    • Phase III (2 Apartments, 5 Studios)
    • Phase IV (3 Townhomes)

CoD needed to establish shipping operations to expand their import/export business within the great lands of Trammel and the Lost Lands. Thus the need to lease a port of harbor for us was satisfied by the city of Jhelom when they allowed us to lease their southernmost island, known as South Jhelom. We have obtained leases from the Mayor of Jhelom for the following:
  • The South Docks (Lease)
  • The Port Warehouses (Lease)
  • The Performing Arts Center (Lease)
  • Several of the Small Cottages for our Ship Crews (Lease)

Guild Loyalty:
Characters that join our guild, join as Lawful Good and we will battle "evil" guilds as part of our lore. Some basic PvP skills are needed to survive.

Players may join their (vampires, half-breeds, lycans, warlocks/witches, and trusted mortals are also accepted) role-playing characters to CoD and join all their characters to CoD or CoD-managed guilds.

Guild Type:
Role Playing, Supernatural Based Theme

Recruitment Process:
Openly recruiting any laid back role players that show an interest in supernatural lore.

Age Requirement:

New Player Friendly:
Yes, absolutely if they have interests in Role Playing.

Activity Level:
Laid Back. We allow OOC game play and communication. During RP events, we do ask folks to stay in character and avoid using OOC language.

Primary Facet:

Primary Bank:
Umbra Bank (Malas)

Allies & Friends:
Vampire Brood [V^B]

Formal Alliances:
Order vs. Chaos RP Alliance (Based on Conflict RPvP)

Enemies & Rivals:
Guilds Willing to Follow the Common ROE's

Event Wars happen as part of our theme for a set duration or a set number of kills.

Scheduled Events:
Multitude of Theme Events and Storylines

Type: RP, RPvP, Light PvM

Loot Distribution System:
Dice Roll for All Co-Mingled Events.

Event Moderator Storyline Participation:
Slight to Moderate

Perceived Alignment:
Lawful Good (CoD)
Lawful Good (RBGU)
Lawful or Chaotic Evil (OotD)

Ventrilo Server: ventrilo.childrenofdarkness.com

Peak Times:
Mon - Sun, 6 PM - 12 AM EST



Best Method to Contact Guild Leadership:
Lady Pandora: [email protected] or ICQ #: 608083009



  • active participation in all guild events when possible,
  • communicate when you are taking a break,
  • be respectful of others,
  • be loyal to your guild; guild first, allies second, everyone else third.

Membership Requirements

  • 18+ years old,
  • ability to participate in voice communication (at least to hear),
  • an interest in writing/story telling,
  • an account on our forums,
  • ICQ or email.


  • Catskills