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Information - The Unwanted

Quick Overview

Alliance of Unwanted and Outlaws of Siege Perilous
Created at:
Jun 28, 2015
The Unwanted
Discussion Messages:


An alliance with the goal to bring PvP back on Siege
For years, young PvP'ers and PK guilds failed to survive on Siege.

- Each guild in the alliance have it's own rules and playstyle.
- The alliance will do PvM hunts together.
- The alliance will help young PvP'er and PvP guilds settle and learn to survive here.
- The alliance will try to support each guild with crafting and intern trading.
- The guilds in the alliance will support young players and guilds with an attitude, that fit Siege. Crafters and PvM'ers who will support the whole community and can handle the risk on Siege but not the ones who try to make Siege to Trammel.
- The alliance will not PvP side by side if their enemy, PvP style and looting rules are different.
- In "No Loot" VvV events or if in same hunting group, the alliance will fight together.


The goal is to make the shard more alive and make the PvP community grow.

- The alliance is mostly for PvM hunts and trading
- Each guild have their own rules for PvP and looting
- No cheating
Last Updated: Dec 29, 2016, Updated By: FrejaSP


The goals:
Respect for others
Make PvP a fun part of Siege
Help making the shard grow and bring RP and PvP back.

Membership Requirements

Neutral or Anti Virtue Guilds
PvP, PvM, Crafting.
No Cheating
Invite only


  • Siege Perilous