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Information - Dwarves of Kraggen-Cor

Quick Overview

A dwarven roleplaying guild located on the Atlantic Shard.
Created at:
Apr 20, 2014
Discussion Messages:


We are dedicated to promoting the ideals of the dwarven race across Sosaria through roleplaying and PvM, with the potential for RP PvP. We also maintain a dwarven themed town located north east of Britain in Snake's Pass.



All members must follow the Eleven Axioms of the Dwarfkin:
1. Be loyal and honorable to your Thane.
2. Honor you clan, your family, and your ancestors.
3. Stand by your work.
4. Never forget when you've been wronged.
5. Never turn your back on a friend in need.
6. Anger and pride are both good for the spirit.
7. In the hearth, the woman is always right.
8. Never come between a dwarf and his weapon.
9. Never make light of another dwarf's beard.
10. Never make light of another dwarf's livelihood.
11. Honor those who have honored themselves.

There is an unofficial twelfth axiom:

12. Never come between a dwarf and his ale.

Membership Requirements

Requirements are simple. You must be a dwarf. That means you must have a dwarvish name and RP a dwarf.


  • Atlantic