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Information - Evergreen Estates

Quick Overview

Forever Green
Created at:
Sep 14, 2015
Discussion Messages:


Evergreen Estates is Kirthag's home, split among several facilities and includes many friends and family. Her base is in Yew of Trammel with an expansion on Dagger Isle, the Memorial Museum.

Yew Community Center

The Yew Community Center [YCC] is dedicated to the economic and social betterment of the Yew area of Sosaria within the Pacific Shard.

Once a bustling center of commerce, Yew's position on the western edge of the mainland is crucial to overall kingdom development.


Pacific Memorial Museum
Bequeathed with this historic home on Dagger Isle, the decision to make it a museum was not very hard. Combining her personal rares with those of Ron Silverman, the new Pacific Memorial Museum by Evergreen Estates seeks to preserve, protect, and present Sosaria's history to those who wish to know more.

Donations will be humbly accepted and kept in rotating display on the Pacific Shard of UO until the hamsters die and the shards disintegrate. Periodic events may be had to help drive awareness to the museum and Sosaria's rich history.


This is not a guild in the realm, but a movement for citizens to organize and converse for the overall prosperity of our region.


  • Must live (own a house) within the Yew territory of Sosaria on the Pacific Shard of either Felucca or Trammel
  • Participate in the elections (Trammel) for representation to the King
Last Updated: Sep 15, 2015, Updated By: Kirthag


Be courteous.
Be insightful.
Be active.

Membership Requirements

  • Roleplay is not required, but encouraged.
  • Be an active citizen during elections.


  • Pacific