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Information - Knights of the Silver Serpent

Quick Overview

Truth. Honor. Courage.
Created at:
Feb 4, 2016
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In days of old, when Siege was young, a mighty force for good thundered across this land.
A wave of dark blue, arising wherever evil might try to gain a foothold, defending the innocent.
The best of the best, the most loyal, noble warriors this land had to offer, patrolled the land.
These were the men and women known as The Knights of the Silver Serpent.
Mightiest amongst them was their leader - the Knight Commander, and Lord of Wintermoor.
Lord Py Lethius. May the bards sing of his victories forever!

But, while legends may live on, heroes are as mortal as you or I.
One by one, through deceit, cowardly ambushes, foul spells, and treachery, the Knights fell.
Many died in battle - each taking scores of enemies to the grave with them.
The most unfortunate ones were consumed by dark sorceries, forcing their fellows to slay them, saving them from a fate worse than death.
Finally, once proud Wintermoor, the mountain fortress that stood against these evils, fell.
Its ruins are now a haunt of crows and foxes.
The bones of those who would accuse our land's foul rulers now lie bleached white in the sun, or in a cold grave beneath Wintermoor's snow.
All who built their fortunes by following in British's bloodied footsteps, rejoiced, proclaiming that they would see that none remain who will dare oppose them.

And yet, a small handful of Knights survives.
We still have the fire in our hearts. We still have our love of justice, ever burning.
We still have our swords in our hands, and the Silver Serpent on our shields.

One day, just maybe, we might have you by our sides. What say ye, young warrior?


Last Updated: Feb 4, 2016, Updated By: Blind Otto


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