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Information - PaxLair

Quick Overview

Player statehood and city in UO and SotA dedicated to peace, neutrality, and role-playing.
Created at:
Jan 16, 2016
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PaxLair is in Ultima Online (UO) and Shroud of the Avatar (SotA). In both realms, PaxLair is a conglomerate of multiple groups and places working together with the common qualities of peace, neutrality, respect, honesty, teamwork and role-playing.
  • Ultima Online : PaxLair Statehood - established January 19, 1998 - Chesapeake Shard. The Statehood consists of towns (PaxLair City, Dragons Watch, PaxOku, and Nidaros), allied towns (Pitmuck), and an alliance of guilds. PaxLair is closely associated with Britannian towns and their governors.
  • Shroud of the Avatar : PaxLair City - established April 24, 2014 - Novia. The City consists of 10 boroughs [player owned towns clustered/connected together] (PaxLair, Dragons Watch, Golden Cove, Islands of Wonders, Knowhere, Lockbrier, Parlay Island, Sea Nymph Grotto, Serenity Isle, Tenakill) and a grouping of guilds.
In both realms, PaxLair is governed and operated by the players and consists of many guilds, citizens, allies, and friends. Its government and societies offer many opportunities for people to enjoy their specific interests and participate with many other people. PaxLair holds weekly in-game meetings.

PaxLair is new player friendly and a drama-free zone.

PaxLair - an Ultima Online and Shroud of the Avatar Player Community


We are a drama-free zone.
-- Winfield - Governor of PaxLair in UO and SotA
-- NANOC - Mayor of Dragons Watch leading PaxLair in UO
-- Sean Silverfoot - City Manager of PaxLair in SotA
Last Updated: Jan 16, 2016, Updated By: Winfield


  • We are very casual and work together daily and weekly.
  • We have weekly meetings (not required to attend) in UO (Tuesdays) and SotA (Sundays).
  • We expect our citizens and allies to be respectful towards others.
  • We help new players as often as we can.

Membership Requirements

Anyone may join this PaxLair township group on Stratics.com.

In general, PaxLair is not a guild to be "joined". We are a group of towns and guilds. We enjoy people who visit us, live in our towns, shop or work at our establishments, and adventure with us. People may become leaders in PaxLair over time.

PaxLair Statehood in UO consists of several towns, guilds, citizens, residents, and allies. To join one of these, come to a PaxLair meeting or event to learn more about us and then talk to people there.

PaxLair City in SotA consists of several player owned towns (POTs), guilds, citizens, residents, and allies. We are not actively recruiting in PaxLair City since SotA is currently (as of January 2016) in pre-Alpha. PaxLair City will be built starting with a Settler Era when Episode One is released mid-2016.

Anyone interested in PaxLair UO and/or PaxLair SotA, please reach us.
  • Winfield is the Governor of PaxLair in UO and SotA.
  • NANOC is the mayor of Dragons Watch and leads PaxLair in UO.
  • Sean Silverfoot is the city manager of PaxLair City in SotA.
  • Many, many people lead and contribute to PaxLair in both realms.


  • Chesapeake

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