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Information - Product of Society

Quick Overview

Created at:
Jan 7, 2016
Discussion Messages:


We are an Anti-Cheat Guild. We come from several countries: UK/SP/FR/LB/TK/GR. Spoken language on Ventrilo is English.

Our target is to mainly raid any fel champion spawn and participate at any pvp action taking place on Europa shard.

We rarely PVM but that's when we really get bored :p

We do not welcome any member using secondary cheating/speeding programs.


In order to Apply:

1. Download UOCartographer:
Tools - UOCartographer

2. Download Ventrilo

3. Add me on ICQ: 211341921
Last Updated: Jan 11, 2016, Updated By: Lord Gandalf


Ventrilo and UOCartographer are a MUST!
So please make sure u got ur microphone and uocartographer set before applying.Scouting champ spawns is something u really want to do quite often after joining FYI.

Here's a link to get your UOCartographer sorted:
Tools - UOCartographer | Stratics

Ventrilo - Surround Sound Voice Communication Software
(male sure you run it as admin)

Membership Requirements

In order to apply/join add me on ICQ: 211341921
or contact @Mervin on ICQ: 99514030


  • Europa