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Information - The Crimson Alliance

Quick Overview

An Evil RP guild dedicated to the Guardian
Created at:
Apr 28, 2015
Discussion Messages:


The Crimson Alliance Resurgent is an evil guild dedicated to serving the Guardian across all shards.

The Guardian is the protagonist from the Single Player Ultimas; Ultima 7 through 9. As we learned in Ultima 9 the Guardian is a being similar to that of the Avatar in that he is comprised of virtues, albeit different virtues. And because of these different virtues the Guardian and his followers often find themselves at odds with the Avatar, Lord British, and their followers. The Guardian is also famously infamous for taking over other worlds and enslaving entire populations. The most notable example is the world of Pagan displayed in Ultima 8: Pagan. But that is all single player Ultima lore and doesn't exactly effect Ultima Online for a variety of reasons.

The original Crimson Alliance was founded on Catskills in 1997. But over the course of years it slowly became inactive. I, Dante Darkheart, was once a member (not a leader or even founding member) of this guild. It was one of my first guilds and I have plenty of very nostalgic feelings towards the original Crimson Alliance.

I've decided to rekindle that nostalgia and move back to the Crimson Alliance's hometown of the Necropolis and re-found the guild as the Crimson Alliance Resurgent. While we try to hold ourselves to the ideals of the original guild we also act as emissaries of the Guardian in an effort to prepare the Shards of Ultima Online, not just Catskills. So while Catskills is our home shard I have branched out to other shards. Currently we have chapters on Atlantic, Europa, and Siege. And Ideally I'd love to have an active chapter on every shard. A boy can dream.


We are first and foremost a Role Playing (RP) guild. Most if not all of our members Role Play a character that is for whatever reason 1) evil and/or 2) serves the Guardian. Because we are a Role Playing guild we must follow a Rules of Engagement (RoE). But these rules vary from shard to shard and I do what I can to make sure my members and myself are up to date on these rules. But for space concerns in not going to put every shards' RoE. Most RoE's involve rules regarding staying in character at all times, acknowledging interaction before attacking, and no looting for example.

For a more comprehensive list....
Guild: Crimson Alliance Resurgent - UOGuide, the Ultima Online Encyclopedia

Membership Requirements

We are a Role Playing guild first and foremost. All members must be a Role Player first and foremost.

Characters don't have to be purely evil but they are certainly misguided and/or disillusioned from the traditional Virtue system of Lord British. The more devout members are willing to sacrifice themselves to become undead. Some members don't even have a choice in believing in the Guardian or not, in the case of orcs it's just part of their culture. Less devout members might just be a brigand who was convicted by a devout follower of the traditional Virtues and now prefers to associate with any who oppose the traditional virtues of Lord British.

The next few member rules are designed to encourage staying in character as that is an essential role of role playing.

Because there are undead and demonic members within the guild the use of chivalry is highly discouraged, but not technically outright banned. You will not be bullied out of character but your chivalry using character will be bullied in character.

Characters may use pseudonyms in lieu of a given name but because this is a Role Playing guild please keep your name in mind. So famous names like Boba Fett, Oscar the Grouch, and Edmond Dantes will not be allowed. And in a world with name change tokens and soul stones this isn't asking much.

I get that we live in a world of at least two truths. One, New Haven, Luna, and Britain (Trammel) are the cultural centers of almost any shard. And two, spells that allow for travel make it easier to get to these cultural hubs than to get the the closest bank. With that being said it is important to understand the in character politics of Britannia might not allow a pleasant visit to these cultural centers for an outlaw, orc, or undead.

On most shards we are based to the south of Yew in Felucca. So ideally I'd like our members to use the Feluccan Yew bank. But also because we're an evil guild Umbra and Buc's Den Banks are also acceptable. But really it all boils down to what makes sense for your character. If their house is on the outskirts of Vesper they should probably do their banking there too, provided they're not a known criminal.

I've made up several subguilds and each has its own set of uniforms. Depending on the subguild some will be more strict than others. But the basic idea is that all uniforms will always incorporate Crimson and often include some shade black or grey.

Guild tags
We are Role Players and want to be known as Role Players. And part of Role Playing is responding to or in some cases not responding to certain information. Its my personal preference that its better to be known than unknown. So all members must wear their guild tags. No exceptions.

Did I mention we're a Role Playing guild? Well we are and because of the limitations of most games, not just Ultima Online, our characters can never be perfectly physically represented. Thus many Role Players use the Profile Scroll on their paper doll to describe their physical appearance. Its my personal opinion that these descriptions should be limited to information that can only be seen. I've seen some profiles list a hometown. I personally don't like this as it tells us something that can't be seen. However I wouldn't object to a note stating that a character speaks with a Vesper accent for example. And unless your character frequently runs around in the nude there isn't going to be much use describing tattoos upon one's buttocks. It also doesn't do much go to give a back story in character profiles. Let other players ask about you. Let them get to know you.


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