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Information - The King's Own Yew Highlanders

Quick Overview

Public PvM for all Siegeians!
Created at:
Jun 19, 2016
Discussion Messages:


Dear fellow Siegeians,

the forests of Yew have been threatened by foul creatures that try to corrupt the trees and animals in our beloved Highlands. From the deepest dungeons and the high seas repeatedly demons, spiders and other vermin intruded our countryside. We want to carry the war into their Homelands!

I therefore ask all of you, Humans, Elves and Gargoyles, Virtue and Vice, to join in for the extermination of unnatural beasts which are threatening our homes, the homes of neutral human pirates and virtuous elven warriors, vice gargoyle vampires and knights of the king. No matter where you stand in your everyday business, these creatures - Scalis Enforcers, Dark Knights, Primeval Lichs, Abyssal Infernals, Slasher Daemons, Evil Spider-Queens, Changelings and many others - are trying to ruin all of our dead and undead lifes.

Therefore, Sir John Hawkins has founded a new company of rangers called the "King´s Own Yew Highlanders"* which are trying to safeguard our homelands. This new brigade of protectors of the forest is meant to guide the public hunts of which we had several in recent months. The "Yew Highlanders" (*YH*) are dedicated to eradicate all those monsters that try to destroy the homes of virtuous and vice, human, gargolye and elven people.

Furthermore, Sir John Hawkins will reward those who attend the most of these hunts with titles such as...

"The Lord Ranger of Yew"
"The Sheriff of Yew Forest"
"The High Forester of Yew"

...and others - you can choose!

And, of course, frequent participants will be rewarded with gold and loot!

Yours sincerely,

Sir John Hawkins
Governor of Yew
Lord Chancellor of the King´s Own Yew Highlanders


Public PvM for everybody!

100 percent PvM, 0 percent PvP!

No trash talk!

Loot and drops are yours!

You want a certain hunt: Tell us!
Last Updated: Jun 19, 2016, Updated By: Eärendil


No PvP! No harm to fellow players! No trash talk!

We fight monsters and want to have fun!


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