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Information - United Faction Overlords

Quick Overview

Having no more masters, we now serve ourselves.
Created at:
Jan 7, 2017
Discussion Messages:


UFO is a pvp/spawner guild on Siege Perilous. Semi-RP, we act as a mercenary unit that will provide defense and protection to those in need, for a price. With the fall of factions, we have banded together paladins and warriors, necromancers and sorcerers along with thieves and crafters to work together for a common cause, to further benefit our own aims. While morally ambiguous at times, we do try to be good stewards for Siege Perilous in general and behave as honorable soldiers should, polite, professional, and deadly.

We are in need of good soldiers, crafters, and treasure hunters. All types of players are wanted. ICQ# 649-700-647



Rules here are flexible. We share the power of the guild among our members and everyone gets a say. The main rule is: have fun. We do not require you to be in character, only that you treat each other with respect.

Membership Requirements

Don't be a jerkwad. We are recruiting all sorts of players and need to be able to tolerate each other to make this grow.


  • Siege Perilous