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Information - United Pirates

Quick Overview

"We rules da sea!"
Created at:
Oct 25, 2014
Discussion Messages:


Red Skull Bay be home to the United Pirates [UP] and their Jolly Roger Inn and Black Market". Captain be a true pirate named Trinsic, keeper of the Jolly Roger Inn and captain of da crew. First Mate be an old salt, Cold Steel.
The Black Market has a proprietor by the name of Blind Tom, hims that is the captains own right hand as it were. The [UP] crew will be found out in their ships or at home at the Jolly Roger Inn, find ye them there!



"The Code of conduct be...consentual combat".
and to speak as a pirate in RP activities.

Membership Requirements

Serve along side the pirate crew a spell in combat and play before joining.


  • Catskills