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Information - Vesper

Quick Overview

Roleplaying the free peoples of Vesper
Created at:
Mar 30, 2018
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Vesper is a Europa based Roleplaying community consisting of numerous guilds and factions including Vesper [-V-], Vesper Trading Company [VTC], Stirling & Kendall Trading Company [S&K] and numerous more.

The Free Republic of Vesper consists of Vesper and it's surrounding territories including it's provinces, Minoc and Cove. The Republic is it's own independent nation after winning it's freedom from the Kingdom as a result of many bloody conflicts in the past.
The Republic is ruled by a council of five. The publicly elected ruler becoming the governor of Vesper is the head of the council. The other four seats consist of the governor of Cove, governor of Minoc, leader of the Vesper Trading Company and the leader of Vesper's military forces; the Redguard Commander.

The Republic was built upon the teachings of Lord Blackthorn and Chaos. Since the first disappearance of the founder of Chaos, Lord Blackthorn; his teachings fell silent upon the land, his followers slowly vanished and unbalance ensued. Order and the virtues no longer had any counter and were allowed to spread unchecked, enslaving people to their principles. Chaos became associated with evil and destruction in peoples eyes as they were blinded by the virtues being enforced by the Kingdom for control.
The Republic of Vesper divided itself from the Kingdom and took up the principle of Chaos, giving the citizens of Britannia a choice to live within the Kingdom or to live a different way of life in the Republic.

Definition of Chaos - 'The defense of one's freedom of belief, individuality and difference.'

Vesper is a busy port city, more tolerant of other races and with fairer laws compared to the harsh draconian laws of the Kingdom. This freedom attracts many from across the lands giving Vesper a diverse citizenship of different races and professions. Being a port city and the trading hub of the north; many trading companies, sailors and even pirates reside within the city.
Of course Vesper's freedom also has it's downfalls, attracting many criminals and unsavory characters. The Redguard fights the struggle of upholding the law, keeping the peace and defending the Republic from it's numerous enemies.



1.) Must have an acceptable Roleplay Name.
2.) Must Roleplay at all times using correct language and adhere to Roleplaying factors such as line of sight and In character knowledge. Of course there are always those new to Roleplay so you must be willing to learn and better your roleplay ability over time.
3.) Must follow the Rules of Engagement and Guild restrictions for things such as arms n armour.
4.) Be polite and respectful of your fellow Roleplayers Out of Character and In Character to the extent of your own character's personality. (For example your character might be foul mouthed and such in game, but show the respect of not attacking someone without warning.)
5.) If there are any problems in game that effect you Out of Character such as someone breaking rules or power playing using knowledge their character couldn't possibly know; then you report this to the guild leaders straight away to deal with behind the scenes. You DO NOT take matters into your own hands and make the situation worse by going on a killing spree or something.
6.) Have a roleplay reason/background for your character to have certain skills and abilities. For example if you have bushido then perhaps your character lived in Zento for a few years and trained under a samurai. Necromancy is not allowed unless cleared with a guild leader before hand for a acceptable reason.
7.) No god mode roleplaying. For example no having stupid abilities or traits on your character that are simply overpowered or inhuman or roleplaying a god for that matter. Certain special characters may be created for certain events and storylines with such characteristics but they must be cleared with guild leaders first.
8.) No going off on your own purely for PvP to attack people without warning. For example you must have a reason for being in enemy territories and fighting someone other than just for a PvP fix.
9.) Breaking these rules multiple times may result in your removal from the guild by judgement of the guild leaders. Especially if you show no intent on roleplaying or willingness to learn.
10.) Have fun!

Membership Requirements

1.) Acceptable Roleplay Name.
2.) No Necromancy unless agreed upon with guild leaders.
3.) Willingness to learn to roleplay.
4.) Roleplay background to your character (Character History and such).
5.) Just be a decent and reasonable person.


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