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Information - ZOOG

Quick Overview

Zoogie Hunters of Sosaria, we farm ants and collect Zoogies.
Created at:
Nov 10, 2014
Discussion Messages:


Welcome to the twisted world of "Ant Farming" There is a lot of gold and adventure to be had in the world of Solen Slaying and powder running. I hope to one say see the return of ZOOGs glory days when we had 30 members farming fungus and 10 members running Translocation Powder.



Friend the ants and then kill the ants while they still believe you are their friend :) Stay as nietral as possible with PvP guilds. Kill intruders in our hunting grounds that are farming our Zoogie or call our Red Friends to deal with the intruders. I will be setting up a NM broker to replace the old locked chest method. Simply sell the Zoogies you farm to our broker, I collect the Zoogies and place them in the Runner box to be processed into T powder and the runners sell the T powder to the same NM Broker and the Powder buyers can then buy the powder from the broker. No more lock boxes and checks this way. I will set the broker up when/if we have enough hunters and runners to make it worthwhile.

Membership Requirements

Preffer Mature members that take a nuetral stance with other guilds. You need a template that is suitable for efficient ant farming. Necro/with Spirit speak is a must following that mage, mystic or melee for Zoogie Farming works. Necro/Spirit SPeak/Focus or Imbue/ Mystic/ Mage is the most efficient template. ZOOG is on friendly terms with pretty much everyone. If you get killed by a red its no big deal we lose a few shrooms or powders and a runner/hunter suit. I keep the armory well stocked with throw away mage and dex suits as well as weapons. Just smile run back to the guild house and replace what was lost and move on. Most PvP find us about as exciting to kill as mongbats and move on to better prey :) With the broker system you can be a very casual ZOOG or a hardcore ant hunting zealot. Age does not matter, maturity level does.


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