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Tools UOAssist 1.8.3

A multi-function support tool for the UO Classic Client

  1. Stratics Staff
    PLEASE read the ENTIRE page before sending emails explaining that UOAssist doesn't work. You MUST register even the trial before it will function.

    A couple of important definitions:

    A 'seed' contains information that identifies a specific game account and is created by UOAssist. It does not contain your account name or password though. You can update/change that information at will and it won't affect the 'seed'. A seed looks something like this: A5Z2-2FAC-GHQA-JKW. As you can see it is an odd looking thing. You use the same 'seed' for trial registration and ordering a license.

    A 'key' is created from the information contained in a 'seed' here at Tugsoft. The key is what activates UOAssist's features. A key is specific to one game account as well (if you have multiple game accounts visit this page for more information, but be aware UOAssist is licensed per account just like the game). Keys are NOT specific to game servers or computers. So as long as you are using the same game account your key will work. Feel free to use UOAssist on as many machines as you'd like. A key looks like a two or three seeds in sequence.

    A 'key' is required to activate UOAssist (even the trial needs a key to activate it). The only way to get your key (a key is specific to one game account) is to register for a trial or license with Tugsoft, please follow the steps below.

    Step 1: Make SURE the date is set correctly on your machine.

    Step 2: Download and install UOAssist UOAssist.exe (250k)

    Step 3: Start UOAssist. (More help if needed: Starting UOAssist)

    Step 4: Now you need to get your 'seed'. When you login to the game UOAssist creates a 'seed' which identifies your account so a key can be made to activate UOAssist. The seed does not contain your account name or account password. How do I get UOAssist to make a seed so I can register UOAssist?

    Step 5: The easiest way to register is to fully log into the game then go to the registration dialog and push the button on that dialog to begin the process for you. If that causes a problem for you go to step 5a and continue.

    Step 5a: Now that you have your seed you are ready to fill out the trial registration form. Trial registrations are processed Monday - Friday from 3-5pm MST excluding normal US holidays. If you don't receive your trial 'key' in email within 2 business days please send an email with your seed included so the problem can be tracked down. (NOTE: if you have problems with the trial form above here is an alternate one - trial form.)

    Step 6: Once you get your key back from Tugsoft you need to put it in the registration dialog in UOAssist. Press the '?' button in the bottom right corner of UOAssist and then press the Registration button. You should see a box for the key at the bottom of the registration dialog. It is best to use copy and paste to put the key in place. If you receive the error - Corrupt Key... it means some of the characters in the key were altered as you entered it. Use copy and paste to avoid that problem.

    Step 7: Enjoy! You should be ready to go now. Remember to read the help pages if you have questions. Also visit the 'Updates' page often for updates to the program.

    If you have multiple game accounts here is information to help you.

    Helpful Notes:

    • The trial period is 7-14 days NOT a month as some people expect.

    • UOAssist doesn't currently 'warn' you that your trial is about to end it only tells you when the trial has finished.
    Don't forget to tell your friends about UOAssist.
    For Frequently Asked Questions, visit our Help page here: http://www.tugsoft.com/UOAssist/Help/Default.aspx.
    Additional Requirements:
    Ultima Online Classic Client

Recent Reviews

  1. Kirthag
    Version: 1.8.3
    I've used UOAssist since my earliest days of playing. Totally made mining worthwhile! Would never have GM'd mining without this tool!
  2. Taylor
    Version: 1.8.3
    UOAssist is absolutely invaluable for users of the classic client. It's an essential!