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Tools Zolafs Imbuing Calculator 9.0a

Aids in Imbuing planning, suit building, optimization and cost estimating.

  1. Stratics Staff
    This is a tool I made and have had available to the public for awhile now. I hope you like it!
    Related Resources:
    Imbuing, Reforcing, and Enhancing
    Additional Requirements:
    Excel 2010
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Recent Reviews

  1. Hitech417
    Version: 9.0a
    Very nice! thank you
  2. Kirthag
    Version: 9.0a
    I can appreciate all the hard work that went into this spreadsheet! Awesome and really does help with figuring out what is needed for a suit! Has my approval!
  3. DreadLord Lestat
    DreadLord Lestat
    Version: 9.0a
    Makes imbuing a suit so easy!