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07/09/01 legacy pet update (includes info on the white wyrms)

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by James of GL, Jul 9, 2001.

  1. James of GL

    James of GL Guest

    Greetings and salutations everybody,

    here is the new version of the "legacy pet" post. What's new? Uhm.... erm.... well .... Mordanna actually just requested to make it a new thread! Heheh. But there are

    news as of today, posted on UO.com by <font color=green>Greywolfe</font color=green>:

    <blockquote>"A lot of you have been asking about legacy pets in one fashion or another. I messaged Calandryll and asked him about
    whether the four colours of nightmares would be possible again and whether legacy nightmare colour would be taken
    care of now that legacy WWs are essentially coded. He responded that the answer to both of these questions was
    "probably, but not certain when." Note that this statement is not a promise of them coming in, nor is there a timetable
    attached to the possibility of the return of legacy colours. But there is still hope to be held on to--at least you can be
    assured that the Dev team is listening to your concerns on this issue. Safe travels!"</blockquote>

    Sadly, this doesn't sound too well compared to what the Dev Team stated earlier this year. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/frown.gif But I will leave it up for you to read anyway, even if I don't know about the

    current plans or lack thereof /php-bin/shared/images/icons/tongue.gif....

    Some new info regarding the legacy white wyrm is below.


    <font color=blue>(1) What are "legacy" pets?</font color=blue>
    Legacy is a term choosen by the OSI Dev Team to describe several kinds of animals that used to spawn in at least two different variations. More precisely, they are

    nightmares and white wyrms. A while ago, there was a patch which changed the spawn to one "standard" body, so Ultima Online: Third Dawn would recognize them with the

    new client, and display them as nightmares and white wyrms. So four different bodies of nightmares (2 short maned, one "blue long maned" and one "pure black") and two

    bodies of white wyrms ("dark" white wyrm and "pure white" wyrm) were reduced to one.
    </blockquote><font color=blue>(2) Okay, but how does that affect me?</font color=blue>
    Since the variety of "colors" has been reduced, those newer tamers or those who didn't tame one yet will never be able to tame some kind of pets, because they don't spawn

    anymore. In addition to this, tamers selling those legacy pets ask insane prices for their "rares".

    In UO:3D it also affects you in a different way. All legacy pets will not properly show with the client. Nightmares will show as horses, while white wyrms will show as



    This image was taken from <a target="_blank" href=http://www.tamingarchive.com/>The Taming Archive</a>, but slightly resized and converted into a *.jpg file so it would display with all browsers. :)
    In the top picture you see a "pure" white wyrm -&gt; legacy pet, next to a current white wyrm. In the picture below you clearly see that the legacy wyrm doesn't display as a

    white wyrm at all, instead it appears to be a red dragon.

    Here is a picture of the nightmares in 2D and 3D. The mares in the back row are all legacy pets. The single mare is the new body of nightmare, the only one which currently

    displays properly in 3D.


    Legacy mares rom left to right: Easter, Blaze, Hope, Drusos
    Stand-alone new nightmare: Chance (R.I.P. 05/14/01)

    Thanks to <font color=blue>Elyssar</font color=blue> for providing Drusos, the "pure" mare in this picture!
    </blockquote><font color=blue>(3) One second, why are the short maned mares in that picture horses in 3D? I thought all short maned mares would look okay?</font color=blue>
    No, but that's a common mistake /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif. It's that OSI chose the body of the short maned nightmare which leads to this confusion. All nightmares which spawned prior

    to the patch are legacy mares. And since there are two kinds of short maned mares as well, this of course goes for them, too. Had OSI chosen the body of the "pure" mare

    it wouldn't have been any different, only the mares from after the patch do correctly convert yet.
    </blockquote><font color=blue>(4) Are legacy nightmares real horses in 3D, or do they still have nightmare stats?</font color=blue>
    Legacy pets still possess their full abilities in UO:3D, which is very bad in the case of nightmares, since they look like ordinary horses. It is only their looks which are wrong,

    their stats remain the same.
    </blockquote><font color=blue>(5) So will that be fixed?</font color=blue>
    Yes, the Dev Team at OSI is currently working on a fix for that problem. It will not affect any legacy pets in 2D, as stated by <font color=red>Calandryll</font color=red>. It will only fix their

    appearance in 3D.
    </blockquote><font color=blue>(6) What's the rumor about pure mares returning, then?</font color=blue>
    The Dev Team discovered that they could easily change the standard body of nightmares and white wyrms back to the different variations, because of the way the legacy

    pet fix works. <font color=red>Calandryll</font color=red> has also clearly expressed on UTB that he is looking forward for them to spawn again, because he feels that every player should

    have an equal chance of owning such a pet, and "not just those who possess enough money to purchase one". He said "they were never meant to be rare".
    </blockquote><font color=blue>(7) Does that mean they also make different skins of mares for UO:3d?!</font color=blue>
    Currently, there is no real info on that. It was said, however, that they're "not yet working on that", which could mean everything and nothing. They might eventually come, the

    possibility is there. But if so, then it is likely not going to be too soon.
    </blockquote><font color=blue>(8) So when's that going to happen?</font color=blue>
    Not in the near future, I am afraid. The fix requires a client and a server side update, so they can't implement it right now. However, it was important to

    <font color=red>Calandryll</font color=red> that it will go in as soon as possible. Which doesn't mean too soon, sorry for discouraging some of you now /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    07/09/01 update: The legacy white wyrm is currently in testing on Chesapeake. It will be added to all other shards when they get the service update Chesapeake recently


    Thanks for your input,



    <font color=blue>"I try to get away from the Tamers' Forum, but they keep dragging me back in!"
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    <font color=blue>Is this post locked or what?

    <font color=black>"You'll get your contract rates, or you'll get your contract cancelled. If you don't like it, then you can crawl back down that -hole that you came from."</font color=black>
  3. Uhm... I don't think so, matey /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif. How are you? I haven't seen you on ICQ for a loooong time!


    <font color=blue>"I try to get away from the Tamers' Forum, but they keep dragging me back in!"</center>
  4. Lusty

    Lusty Guest

    Well for you folks that don't know, pure wyrms are back, on Oceania at least they are.
    Tamed 2 tonight. They look different in different clients.

    They all look the same in 2d. The 2 on the left are tonights efforts. The 2 on the right are legacy ones.


    No matter how I try, I just cant get over how horrid 3d is.

    But in 3d you can see the difference.


    No matter how I try, I just can't get over how totally horrid 3d is.

    FYI I didn't "anger the beast" once in about 30 taming attempts. Even at GM taming I had a fair bit of trouble taming them. My suspicion is that the minimum taming has been raised a touch. Also they certainly gave my veteran dragon a good run for his money even with me vetting continuosly. Maybe they have been beefed up a bit too, who knows?

    When I got to the spawn location there was a grey wyrm. After killing 9 greys a pure spawned, I then got 4 pures in a row. Go figure?
  5. FingonX

    FingonX Guest

    I was taming some of them aswell, and noticed that there was no anger message. Also another thing I noticed was that the Pure WW I was taming did infact switch targets. Before they would stick to one target and stay on that. Just something some people should know while doing WW's.

    Lord fing - GM Mage
    Lord Turgon - GM Fencer
    Lady Shar - GM Tamer
    Rain - GM Smith
    (PGoH - Catskill)
  6. Uogem

    Uogem Guest

    Hey James, I didn't know you were still here, I haven't seen ya in so long....how are ya? =)

    Ultima's not a game, its an adiction.
  7. I'll send you a PM, this shouldn't become a babble thread :) *sneaks away from the mods*


    <font color=blue>"I try to get away from the Tamers' Forum, but they keep dragging me back in!"</center>
  8. Does anyone know what happened with Legacy Pets after AoS? Are there still differences and such or what? Just wondering.
  9. *blinks, looking at this post* Wow, isn't it like..... old?

    Welp, what happened to them is .... they all got "generic" stats, mares got 315 str for example (this happened pre-AoS though, with Publish 16)

    There aren't really any "legacy" pets as such anymore, they got converted with Publish 16, and were victim to the same math that hit every other pet with AoS (aka reduction of hitpoints, etc).
  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    There are legacy pets.. they are just different

    Legacy WW dont eat gold. These are pre pub 16 ww
    Legacy Ki-Rin and Unicorn eat meat. These are pre pub 14

    There will be others.. perhaps snakes that wont eat.. ok maybe not since keeping those would be difficult

    Point is every patch that makes fundamental changes to what abilities pets have without affecting their combat abilities has the potential to create those legacy pets.. pets with different .. traits

    The pub 16 legacy mares are however not allways the same as the other legacy mares.. the pub16 legacy mares could be ones tamed the day before pub16
  11. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Legacy Hell Hound Leaders apparently didn't get converted to AOS at all, and therefor don't have resistances.
  12. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I honestly hope thats a mistake that gets corrected.. Any word on wether that is true for newly spawning hell hound leaders? Because if its true for new ones then we are not talking legacy .. but potentially a heave nerf on hhl.. dont know why people would want to though
  13. Ah good point, I completely forgot about those.

    There are also frenzieds that eat fruit and meat. I was mainly thinking of mares and dragons, completely forgetting about unis and ki-rin and other pets (mainly because I don't own them, or hunt with them).

    I'm also quite out of the loop when it comes to taming, my interest in UO just gets less and less /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  14. So how do you tell if you have a pure WW now? I dont see any differences in 2d or 3d in mine. Maybe they arent pure, but what do pures look like?
  15. You can't tell a difference in 3d, and you hardly see any "dirty" white wyrms around these days because people don't want them for some reason.

    Imagine the brown/green dragon body in white, with its bumps and grey shades. That would be a "dirty" white wyrm.

    Like in my, rather old, image here:


    Ignore the bottom half, the greyish wyrm next to the "pure" white wyrm is a "dirty" white wyrm. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif
  16. Ok i didnt know if 2d didnt display the pures since the last two I tamed were "dirty". I like the blinding white of the pure myself since it reminds me of all those *fun* times on Ice Isle and the Ice Caps. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif Just got a pure but his str is way low, so I probably release the guy. Thanks for the help.