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1-handed pvp weaps

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by [JD], Oct 8, 2010.

  1. [JD]

    [JD] Guest

    what are the best 1 handed (to chug pots) pvp weapons for a swordsperson?

    i tried the bok with 50 hit lightning, it does pathetic dmg unless you get a lightning strike crit.

    i'm looking for weapons with good non LS crit DPS, so stuff like the pickaxe (40 DPS), ubws diamond mace (45 DPS), etc.

    for weapon specials, is double strike worth it in PVP, or should i stick with AI?

    weapon builds would be:
    hit spell 50
    (ubws if not swordsmanship) or (HLD)

  2. Depends entirely on your Stamina and SSI and what specials you want to use.

    Different situations require different special moves. Double Stike is most useful after Disarm, but otherwise not very as I *think* it has a hit chance penalty. Melee PvP special moves that are the most effective are Disarm, Bleed, Mortal, Nerve/Parra, Armour Ignore. Any weapon that has one or two of those and swings at the cap with your Stamina and SSI is equally good for chugging with.
  3. Lynk

    Lynk Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran

    May 13, 2008
    Likes Received:
    PvP weapons need burst damage.

    This should be either a capped 35 dmg AI or a nerve strike.

    You also need something to block heals. Mortal works well, and bleed is the best against dexers because it stops confidence heals and bandaids.

    War axes are, imo, one of the best weapons.
  4. [JD]

    [JD] Guest

    Sorry I should have said I have 188 sta and a turq ring in the current suit. Working on another suit which adds tink legs, and maybe optional ranger aug cloak swap if the DCI isn't needed in the moment...

    Didn't know Bleed blocked confidence and bandages. That's insanely useful info, and the War Axe does good DPS also when accelerated to cap. Almost as much as the diamond mace.

    But stratics seems to claim that bandages cure bleeding:

    "Make your opponent bleed profusely with this wicked use of your weapon. When successful, the target will bleed for several seconds, taking damage as time passes for up to ten seconds. The rate of damage slows down as time passes, and the blood loss can be completely staunched with the use of bandages. Applies a total of 15-31 physical damage to the target over the next 10 seconds. This damage is not reduced by armor and can only be avoided through healing with bandages."

    I'll have to test when I get home tonight.

    Do apples, remove curse, or cleansing winds remove bleeding?
  5. Bandages stop Bleed but in doing so you don't get healed as well. Except maybe with Faction Bandages I can't remember with those.

    Apples, RC, Cleansing do not remove Bleed.

    Damage Removal talismans (Bloodwood Spirit/Primer) do. As well as Mortal/Strangle/Poison.