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1 month without tso, what has everyone been doing with their life

Discussion in 'EA Land/The Sims Online Stratics Forums' started by GRINCH, Sep 1, 2008.


    GRINCH Guest

    As the title says, it has been 1 month now. Me i have been spending a lot of family time. Going up to the mountains and doing hikes and such. I havent been on the computer much at all since the end of tso.

    As i see it, tso ending was a real blessing in disguise for me and my family. How is everyone else and what is everyone else doing?

  2. Mavric

    Mavric Adventurer
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I've been playing alot more golf.
    Shot my first ever under 70 round with a 68 at the Hidden Valley Country Club just outside of Aztec NM yesterday.
    I've figured golf out....it's staying sober.

  3. debslee

    debslee Guest

    I have thrown myself into Second Life and loving it. Great that a lot of my friends from TSO have moved over....so only the scenery has changed for me.....! :D
  4. Starrfoxx

    Starrfoxx Guest

    I've started building my website to host my stories, radio show, and have many other things planned for it. I've been working on salvaging everything that I can from Sims Online for the offline version. Plus, I've been playing Sims 2 and checking out the Apartment Life EP.
  5. NikiKing

    NikiKing Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 12, 2003
    Likes Received:
    I too have moved on to SL, having alot more fun then I ever expected to. Soon I plan to start learning to build. :) So many of my friends are there its really as Debs said only the scenery has changed.
  6. Monkeybear

    Monkeybear Guest

    I'm playing The Sims 2 and soon Spore
  7. Gilly

    Gilly Guest

    I have made a new character on the Solar server of Dofus and found a great guild, to hunt and play with.

    ....and 3 days a week for physical therapy on my neck, being nagged to get off the computer...

    ...as if! rolleyes:
  8. fajjaa

    fajjaa Guest

    Other then checking out the Tirnua room, I havent played a singe video game. The end.

    Actually I have become a godlike figure to my 2 granddaughters, no video game can come close to matching that.

    Mavric...from the golf commercial..... How do you shoot a lower score in golf? ..... play fewer holes.
  9. miuf

    miuf Guest

    hi! actually, i got detoxecated, form tso-ea land!!for now!! lol
    i am enjoying real life!i stop playing on august the 1 th , and whent on vacation for 3 weeks, with no computer,i realised what i missed most! enjoying LIFE!, watching birds on the lake, walking in the woods...biking,made me feel alive,making a real campfire at nite and singing songs...with my real love of my life, i am still uncertain for the future of playing another game for now!
    i got to realise that there his something else....the gaming world can be very adictive has drugs, and alcohol,and too much can be armfull!when winter will come over, and there will be nothing to do...maybe i will find the right one,
    but for now! i am happy its over see you some time around
    Miuf xoxoxox,may you be happy where ever you will be!:hug:
  10. Caesar

    Caesar Guest

    Played SL for about 2 weeks, got bored right away. Now I'm playing TES4:Oblivion again, and hooked on that for the time being. Racked up 25 hours in the past week on TES4.

    Plus, College is back for me so I spend more time on the books than on the comp.
  11. Qute Pi

    Qute Pi Guest

    I stopped into TSO every couple days before it ended I didn't hang out more than 5 minutes before I'd get sad, since the original April announcement.
    Since August 1st, I waited a couple days, then deleted it from my computer, a task I wasn't happy with, but knew I had to eventually.

    Since then I've gotten a real life. lol. I mean I spend time playing freecell on my computer when I just wanna sit at the computer, but I have no interest in online games anymore. When Tirnua was announced I kept track of the website, but as time goes on I realize I don't want to get involved with an online game, ever again. I put so much effort into TSO and now its all gone, hardly a memory left. At least with sims 1 or 2 I could open it and see my work. I can't do that, its been taken from me in TSO. So I refuse to bother getting involved any further in an online game. Time for me to grow up. lol. I have been enjoying the real life motivation tho, playing TSO for 6 years was a lot of wasted time for me now that I look back.

    Finally 2 days ago I broke down while at walmart and purchased an EA product. (Yes I'm very disappointed in my lack of boycott lol...oh well) I got Sims Castaway Stories. I completed the story within the day, (the first time I've felt excited to play a game) and since then been trying to get into the game as far as building is concerned. I always wanted to be "Lost" on an island lol, now I can be. Anyway, then I checked here today and it occurred to me I didn't bother using the $15 coupon we were given, lol ugh! It was an impulse buy...

    Needless to say I feel very lost in general with my old online habits gone and new interests forming in my life. I don't believe I'll ever put as much effort into another game as I did TSO.

    Anyway, Just came by to say hi to everyone, hope your all doing great!

  13. Well a lot of things. It's been a year and 2 months for me, however.

    I've entirely disconnected from my online connections. I no longer post to Pitweston.Calm, never post at Stratics hardly anymore...no Tirnua...

    It's hard to go from totally digitally connected to RL only. Especially when RL seems to bite in the ass.

    I try to keep my attitude and outlook high and good...but it's hard. There's just so many things getting in the way.

    I went to my cousin's wedding over the weekend...amazing ceremony...all of my cousins are getting married...all grown up. Never thought they'd be...but they are. They all have families of their own now...wow!

    My memory just keeps getting worse...eep. I'm only 16. Since I've quit the whole Internet communications I've started to realize who I really am and I'm not who I thought I was. I can see what I like, what I love, who I love, what I dislike, what I hate...

    I've gotten a recent interest in music. I love music. I am taking 3 music classes at school...wow...the rest is math, science, english...something else...I'm getting terrificabletacular grades.

    So I've just gotta keep my head up high and hope for the best...I'll take a nose dive into life and see what happens right? After all that's the reason we're all here...to live. What I do is I wake up every morning and tell myself "Today's Going to be a great day" no matter what happens. Of course some things are bound to make me cry or get me mad but...at the end of the day the only thing that matters is that I feel good about myself and what I've done.
  14. Caesar

    Caesar Guest

    Perfectly Said.
  15. fire_storm

    fire_storm Guest

    I have rediscovered Second Life, and just paid for a years subscription today.

    I found my wonderful sim family there, and I am making new friends also! There is one very special friend in particular, though! :love:

    I never thought I would say it, and it's probably because I no longer have TSO, but....I am loving Second Life now!

    My avatars name is Firebird Michigan, feel free to look me up in the game! :)
  16. Big Mac

    Big Mac Guest

    Nothing has filled that void of opening up your property and hosting on a plot of land and needing to replenish your needs and cooking, etc for your guests.

    Mac Tigerpaw in Second Life
    "Missy and Mac's Stop and Shop" and "Mac's Ice House"
  17. Wyld Cherry

    Wyld Cherry Guest

    I'm in Second Life BABA hehe :D
  18. Renee TSO

    Renee TSO Guest

    I have been doing the same stuff just as i have before...just minus TSO. Ive been hunting for a replacement but they just aren't the same. I would join everyone in SL but my graphics card cant handle it. It will be a few more weeks until i can get a new card. Otherwise i have been playing the sims. I'm up to unleashed right now.

    Ive been thinking about staying away from MMO's all together now and getting a next gen console. Come friday the xbox 360 will be 199 and come with rock band 2. I really don't want to play another mmo just to let it go. I will miss the social aspect of gameing but i really should go in another direction. I will still play dungeons and dragons online though
  19. Cinnamon

    Cinnamon Guest

    Even before TSO, I was a UO addict, and still am. So I've been spending a bit more time there. My husband and I also play WoW, and he got into the beta so I've been having some fun with that.

    But I totally surprised myself at how sad I was about TSO's ending. I didn't think it would affect me as much as it did. So I've found some consolation in the original Sims, reinstalled it with all the xpacs, and it has brought back all the memories that got me into TSO in the first place.
  20. culbert123

    culbert123 Guest

    I've got one of the jukebox songs from Nate's Diner stuck in my head right now. Deedle-de-ah....

    I've actually been playing Wizard 101 for the last few weeks, and I really like it. It's cute, and I can play both on my own, or team up with other wizards to defeat enemies like Fire Elves & Lumbering Trolls. It's kind of Harry Potter meets Pokeman or something like that. I like the nice & fluffy games, though, hence TSO! They just ended beta, and had a deal going on for a 1-year subscription for $60 instead of $120, so I'm enrolled at the Ravenwood School for the next 12 months... :D

    I've been keeping an eye on Tirnua, too, but I'm waiting for that to get more into the actual game phase before I decide what if anything I'll do with that.
  21. Mavric

    Mavric Adventurer
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I'm putting it off on the flu, but this morning I shot a 67 on the front 9 and a 78 on the back 9, LMAO, not even going to add them together. Damn ball had a mind of it's own. pfffffffffft.

  22. I was Marissa Rose in Alphaville for since August 2003, never posted much here but I did read the forums. When the announcment came I started searching for a home right away. Became a Toon Town Addict and I have been playing Maple Story a little, but still wanted to play Sims so started doing a legacy in Sims 2 with Marissa Rose as the founding sim. Been writting this up as a story and might actually post it on the sims 2 web site.
    Playing Spore now too which I like but Im more of a Sims fan.
  23. Spacey

    Spacey Guest

    I was so suprised to see that TSO still had forums up!

    I have been playing WoW. It is something I never thought I would get into considering how different it is from TSO. I love it. Though I miss the old TSO very much, the days of EAL left a sour taste in my mouth. I still hope that someday they might reconsider, learn from old mistakes, and make a wildly popular TSO 2. I don't think that anything could replace TSO for me (in that game genre). Second Life, There and the other new ones just don't cut it. For now, I am having fun riding my saber cat around the strange lands of Warcraft, dancing with gnomes, and killing enormous ogres in purple thongs. If only there was a chalkboard there too... *sigh*
  24. Windows

    Windows Guest

    A blessing in disguise for sure! My life is totally different now and better (not trying to show off just happier). I have more quality of life now and a lot more balance towards what really matter, family, friends and some me time. Also changed jobs so been focused on that learning curve. Moved. Travelled some. Got my kid to College. It's amazing how much time was spent online. On occassion I look back and although I might miss the peeps, I wouldn't trade it for the peeps in my real life. After all, you only live once. Still appreciate the folks who work hard to keep the online world alive and kicking. It's nice to know that it is there. It's even nicer to know there's a world over here that brings me more value and quality.
  25. Windows

    Windows Guest

    Great insight!
  26. MandiK

    MandiK Guest

    TSO had stopped taking over my life months before it ended, so things really arent different without it. We have a new baby due in November & are super excited about that. Everything else is just the same. I miss TSO some days, and most days I dont even think about it. I have thought about trying Second Life but I just dont know...
  27. Jimoh

    Jimoh Guest

    glad to see you have joined SL Mandi, hope to see you online in the near future.

    Just be carefull of Niki and Polly, they love to go shopping and drag people along with them. :lick:
  28. MiamiFan

    MiamiFan Guest

    I moved to playing Toontown its fun I allso play ps2 and the WII I rather have ea land open back up again I miss it and I Dream about it everyday
  29. freedomdeep

    freedomdeep Guest

    I've actually cut back my time online as we all know how carried away one can get if left unchecked. I really do miss TSO, Betaville for sure and it's wonderful that I am still in contact with some of my Betavillian friends. I was in Safeway today looking for kettle chips (salt n vinegar, yum!), and I saw a brand of chips called "TSO"! Memories flooded my brain of the all the fun I had just randomly visiting my friends lots..letting my sims go "wild" on free will while I kicked back and chatted catching up with friends.

    A few weeks ago I saw a special on Spore on discovery network and TSO was briefly mentioned. It just kinda tugged at my heart strings and although my life has been very full since the closure, I don't think I will ever have the same experience in another MMO.

    I pretty much moved on from TSO before the closure and came back for the last day to go down with the ship. I have played several games most which never come close to TSO, but still are enjoyable. I currently play GoPets (a 3d mmo with custom creation, adorable 3d pets, 3d lands to decorate, crafting, etc). I also play Travians (web based game), and I'm in founders beta for Hello kitty online (cute sanrio Characters meets WOW).

    Once i get a newer computer I will be purchasing the rest of the EP's for Sims2 and patiently awaiting Sims3.
  30. Meara

    Meara Guest

    I have been busy with class for the most part. However, every once in a while I check in on Tirnua and see how far they have gotten. I look forward to playing when they have it all set up. My Tirnuan name is Meara_6931.
  31. Tuesdae

    Tuesdae Guest

    Working like a dog! The baby turned two, the older kid is 14 and a freshman in high school, and the husband is still way better than I deserve. :heart: I've been playing Ikariam, which fits nicely into my 'no-spare-time' lifestyle. I just don't have the time to engage in anything else, but I'd love to play Entropia one time. Unfortunately, none of our laptops can handle the graphics. As we own like four of them, and two of them are brand new, I'm having difficulty justifying why I need another computer!

    Hope everyone is well!
  32. Dogsoffour

    Dogsoffour Guest

    I had actually been doing okay without TSO for a while, but lately I have been reminiscing about how things were, and longing to open up a skill house, or a store, or host a board til' you drop contest, lol. I've been doing other things in Real Life, but The Sims Online was such a big part of my life, it's hard to suddenly not have it.
    I have searched for another game to fill the void of TSO, but nothing is quite the same. Maybe the problem is I'm looking for a game just like The Sims Online, but it seems as though there is no game to replace what TSO gave me. I was never able to get into Second Life, and all the Fantasy online games, just aren't my thing.
    Yes, the players of TSO had to go years at a time without updates, and often deal with bad customer service, but I'd gladly accept all that just to play it again. I guess I'll just have to cross my fingers and hope for a TSO2?
  33. Mavric

    Mavric Adventurer
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    It's been how many months now? 3, 4.
    I admit I do miss my green haired feller in TSO.
    I stay pretty busy with the real world; still cleaning up after the elk and muledeer attack on my apple trees. Plus getting ready for winter, already had a couple of good snows.
    I've got my wife and kids into WoW, and we play twice a week together, pretty fun.

  34. NikiKing

    NikiKing Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 12, 2003
    Likes Received:
    I have to admit that I miss the midset of the people in TSO. Everyone changed so much when they got to SL they are hardly recognizable as themselves.

    *wipes a small tear in memory of the good old days*
  35. Big Mac

    Big Mac Guest

    It's the being able to open a piece of property, have roommates, and have people come by and cooking for them part that is missed.
  36. Polly

    Polly Guest

    I hope not everyone?!

    I too miss that aspect of the game - dropping in somewhere totally new and feeling really comfortable to just start up a conversation and goof off.

  37. Rennay

    Rennay Guest

    Luckily I got into WoW before it was announced that TSO was ending, so I just play more of that now... Today though I saw an add for another game that looked like TSO and it reminded me of all the good times I had in Dan's Grove :(
    So if anyone else is playing or thinking of playing WoW, look me up. Shadowmoon PvP server, Faction: Horde. Character's: Rennaid and Kellybundy
  38. Katheryne

    Katheryne Guest

    Ditto that!
  39. Gilly

    Gilly Guest

    My time has been taken up by Dofus and lately, Tirnua.

    With so many old TSOers and the designers from TSO there, it feels very very much like old home week.

    Now that we can decorate our lots, have simple game pieces to create games with, find open lots, and have a chat history, it is even more like our TSO home.

    It is actually coming along at an amazing rate! Check it out if you haven't been there, in the last week or two. :thumbup1:
  40. - Still making videos http://www.youtube.com/billybughead

    - Leveling my Guild Wars characters to level 20 (got a Necro [Minion Master]/Ranger in Aurora Glade and a Warrior [Axe Maiden]/Ranger who just did that big Vizunah Square mission with a ton of other folks)

    - Watching stuff on Netflix etcetera (got caught up on everything that's happened in Smallville since my tv broke back in the fifth season, and discovering how cool Heroes really is ["Only you can do it, Matt: Save the turtle, save the show!"])

    - Playing with the new camera I got on Black Friday

    - Experiencing deja vu when I got a "great deal" on Tabula Rasa, only to find out the reason they lowered the price is because they just cancelled this game, too lol (glad I read the wiki's BEFORE opening the box so I can still take it back. Perhaps I should have listened to all you folks who said to never ever ever buy a subscription-based game again)

    - Making wierd creatures who dance around and say "ooooo OOOOOO ooooo!!!!" (in other words, playing Spore)

    - Trying to make a giant Sims 2 neighborhood based on both my Sims 1 neighborhoods and my TSO experiences

    - Visiting the kitty cat shelter when I get off early from work

    - Getting frustrated with Second Life lol

    - Tried WoW for a week; what a waste.

    - Pruning my pull list cuz I'm sick of Skrull-Hype and We're-Killing-Off-Batman-Over-The-Course-Of-A-Hundred-Bucks-Worth-Of-Comics-None-Of-Which-Will-Make-Sense-Even-If-You-DO-Buy-Every-One

    - Seriously doing some reasearch on moving to another country
  41. Gilly

    Gilly Guest

    Your leaving the country?~:eek:

    ......can I have your stuff?

  42. NikiKing

    NikiKing Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 12, 2003
    Likes Received:
    :mf_prop: :lol:
  43. I have also moved onto Second Life...a lot of people moved over there, but others have scattered throughout other games *sigh* Oh, how I miss my Sims...even my red headed one :p I will miss all of my Valarie and Valarie Nicole sims...Valarie DeNiro Santini, Valarie Nicole Martinelli, and plain old Valarie Nicole. Okay, I'm done remembering *goes back to SL* ooo, I highly doubt any of you remember me, but just in case...Velencia Enyo in SL :p
  44. I miss TSO, my sims, friends, kids (pets), my jobs, everything. Well not the scammers, but everything else. I know some people liked the free green times because they considered greening a waist of time, but um isn't that part of what makes the Sims, The Sims? Those things are part of RL, they make the sims more real.

    I finally got my coupons from EA so have gotten into TS2. So far have the Double Deluxe version and Seasons. Its fun having seasons now.

    As far as online games, I'm in SL and EL. Have found a few old friends in SL and made a lot of new ones. But neither come close to replacing TSO.
  45. Starrfoxx

    Starrfoxx Guest

    It gets better when you start adding all the other expansions. Open For Business will remind you of the days of running a store in TSO. It's my favorite, but Seasons is an amazing add-on also. With all the EP's and SP's, it's enough to keep one busy until and if Sims 3 establishes itself.

    By then, I might actually start playing Sims 3 when they come out with a Double Deluxe version.
  46. Caesar

    Caesar Guest

    I'm still (still) playing The Elder Scrolls Games. I've gotten hooked again....lol. Most of my time is either on Hidden and Dangerous 2 : Sabre Squadron or Oblivion, with Morrowind installed on my PC...I'll play that when I have nothing better to do. College is a big part of my life, as well as working. I've been busy without TSO.

    But now it's winter break and I have no idea what I'm going to do without TSO. It was the kinda game that allowed you to sit around and BS with someone. I could easily play it for hours and not get bored like with some of the other games out there. The ability to interact with others made the game fun, and the fact that you could do so many different things and experience them with other people with different personalitys made it amazing.
  47. Starrfoxx

    Starrfoxx Guest

    Funny. I have Morrowind and Oblivion also. I've barely scratched the surface with Morrowind. Oblivion is a game where I am in no rush to finish, because I enjoy exploring and doing the different quests and stories. I recently downloaded the free release of the first Elder Scrolls during it's anniversary celebration, but haven't even touched that.

    I've been having fun with Mass Effect. It's neat, but it doesn't feel as open ended as Oblivion does.

    I've also gotten into the Civilization series, which is just good fun. I also have Spore, but got bored with it. Now, I just play it every now and then.
  48. Caesar

    Caesar Guest

    Heck yeah! Finally another person on that game, lol. Morrowind isn't the same as Oblivion when your used to playing OB, but it's still fun. I agree though, Oblivion is fun to just run around and explore, you'd be amazed with how many quests and side quests there are.
  49. Hey everyone. It says I last visited 10-13-2008. Over two months ago. Yeah, I left. But like I promised I would pop in and say hi :)

    Things are doing much better for me. It seems that I am able to handle more situations responsibly than I ever could a year ago. I'm not as much of a drama queen if anyone remembers the big wars I participated vocally in ;-)

    A year ago was 2007. Wow! It doesn't seem like that long ago does it? Time flies.

    Well anyways I'm doing fine, I have been making lots of friends and losing the enemies. I am pursuing lots of music classes, I just love everything about music! I'm in the Choir and that is so much fun and that's a lot of community and volunteer work, we do other stuff besides sing.

    I've also started to read a lot more than I was before, but I really want to read even more. I haven't read the Twilight book, but everyone's read the series and seen the movie. I guess I just got to get my hands on a copy ;-) I haven't been to the library in forever, but it's really cold and that's not too long of a walk but I've already been sick the past few weeks, I don't need to make it worse!

    Have I told you how much I love Sims 2? I have a Mac, so I don't get to have all the add ons, but I loved it so much I added on to the game. I have The Sims 2, University, Nightlife, Open for Business, Pets, and Seasons. I built tons of houses. My neighborhood is Maplewood, and everything in it, I created myself. There are dozens of houses and I'm just starting to move my Sims in. They are all poor and live in tiny shacks but they're working their way up :) Well, maybe if they wouldn't keep burning their kitchens down it wouldn't be so hard but who's complaining? :-D

    M E R R Y
    C H R I S T M A S ! ! ! !

    That is quite the funny name :-D
  50. NikiKing

    NikiKing Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 12, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Glad to see you so positive and upbeat Cookie, keep up the good work. :)