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[Selling] 111 month account with Fel Castle (LA shard)

Discussion in 'UO Trader's Hall' started by Endgame, Jun 16, 2008.

  1. Endgame

    Endgame Guest

    Hello - I have finally decided to quit uo... after 9 ish years mind you. I have finally become bored with the gameplay and due to the fact it makes me ill just to log on its obviously time for me to move on.

    This account has a castle located in felucca just north of the city of Cove on the Lake austin shard named "ReEstate Castle". It comes with 12+ million gold, 9 extra etheral mounts, potted trees/plants, tokuno majors in abundance, Doom Artifacts, 3 full soulstones, 13 or more frags, 1,000s of regs and boards, lots of bods, armor, jewelery and weapons. Basically anything you could ever need to keep up with "the big boys".

    A quick rundown of the characters on said account are as follows:

    "Refrain" - Bard - 120 peacemaking - tome of lost knowledge, Kaza of Rajin, Rune beetle carapace, Ice white cloak+robe flutes of renewal and rides an etheral swamp dragon

    "Remane" -Peace/Tamer - 120 Animal lore, 120 cap on taming (never acheived) has 4 flutes of renewal, ancient samauri helm, ring of the elements, tome of lost knowledge, 1000s of regents in bank.
    PETS= greater dragon, 2 Cu-sidhes, Nightmare, White Wyrm, Rune Beetle, Greather Hyru

    "Rekast" - Necromage - 120 eval intel, 110 magery, Gm Necro Has: Orny of magician Blessed with personal bless deed, tome of lost knowldge, Scrappers compendium,Kaza of Rajin and rides an ethy unicorn

    "Reflex" - Fencer - 120 fencing - Ancient samauri helm, Darkened sky - rides ethy polar bear

    "Max Silverhammer" - Mule- 120 Smith+120 tailor gm miner, gm tinker - rides ethy polar bear

    "Redirect" - Poision Swordsman - 120 anatomy 115 tatics, Gm Poisioning Has Ancient Samauri helm, rune beetle carapace, stormgrips, premier on arms damage removal, pendant of the magi, blackthorns kryss (repond slayer) and rides a charger of the fallen

    The account comes loaded as you can see - it would take me weeks to list everything the account has on it and only serious inquiries will be entertained i can be reached via icq # 1-606-118-63 or my email [email protected] with any questions or offers :thumbup1:
  2. Endgame

    Endgame Guest

    Answer #1 - the skills contained in the soulstones are are:
    spellweaving - gm bowcraft/fletching - gm
    lockpicking - gm healing - 103.7
    detect hidden - gm lumberjacking - gm
    fishing - gm archery- gm
    cartography - gm carpentry - gm
    hiding - gm meditation - gm
    ninjitsu 57.5 spell resist 78.4
    bushido - 72.2 inscription 67.8

    answer #2 yes plenty of rares are included - holiday crap, 6 Ankhs, hanging skeletons, vet robes, shroud of shadows, pigments of tokuno: fire orange 29 dryad green 23 luna white 5 invunability blue 2, loads of crystaline and shadow items too - also please dont hesitate to pm me or reply to this message with any questions
  3. Endgame

    Endgame Guest

    This account has not been stripped - a walkthru of the castle and more indepth explanation of items is available upon request

    Offer is at $550.00 american as of Tuesday and i plan to sell the account on friday night so if you are interested in this Incredible account - pm me, icq me, or e-mail me. icq# 160611863 [email protected]
  4. Endgame

    Endgame Guest

    Account sold... thanks for looking