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120 bushido

Discussion in 'UO Players Corner' started by hampage, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. hampage

    hampage Guest

    Does you receive 120% damage increse if you get 120 bushido skill and perfection? also do you get 1200 points of luck?
  2. Ash

    Ash Guest

    My understanding is no to both. The damage and luck are supposedly maxed at 100% and 1000 luck when reach 'Achieved perfection'. My understanding is the only thing the higher skill does is allow you to reach perfection faster.

    From uo.com on the perfection system:

  3. Duku

    Duku Guest

    If you achieve perfection, you will add 100% DI, and if you kill the monster, you will add 1000 luck.

    As Ash sayd, the higher bushido is, the faster you reach perfection.
  4. hampage

    hampage Guest

    I dont understand how it can works faster since it takes one succesful hit to gain 10% in perfection, until you reach 100% perfection (10 hits), and you loose 30% every hit failure you make....
  5. Duku

    Duku Guest

    You are wrong.

    Each step is not fixed at 10%, but is (bushido skill)^2 / 100. AT 120 bushido, you step up by 14.4 = 7 steps
  6. hampage

    hampage Guest

    hummm nice to know that, ty duku

    in your opinion, is it worth having 120, or 100 is more than enough?
  7. Duku

    Duku Guest


    i usually have 120: i can do momentum each time i want without the risk of failing; and even if i have a HLD weapon, i prefer arriving at perfection with less hit
    And, the most important, if you use parry (i dont) 120 bushido is a must (if you can affor it ^^)

    However, even 100 is not bad, you can do LS, and ten consequential hits are easy to do ;)
  8. hampage

    hampage Guest

    I have now 120 bushido and 60 parry... I find that usefull, it gives me a rough 20% chance of parrying since I use one hand without shield. it's the same as 100 bushido / 80 parry but it's easy to notice that the first option is much better cause 120 bushido has it's pros... I never used momentum strike, is it usefull?
  9. Duku

    Duku Guest

    it depends on what you do: when the spawn is hugh, is terribly useful, but if you have a good weap with whirlwind attack you can do even without it.
    Howerver, i prefer 120/120, 40% or 35% its one of the way to make a good "end-template" (and some spell of bushido rely on the total parry chance)
  10. hampage

    hampage Guest

    yeah but you don't use healing, I know that from other thread, and I do use healing, I have 100 on it, I find it very usefull not only because of myself but to rezz others, I have a brazilian friend who play with me so we do most bosses together, and if he dies I rezz him, and vice-versa... once we went in 3 to dread horn and 2 died and the other one didnt had healing, that sucked very much hehehe

    also, one thing I want to confirm:

    is 30% enough in Hit lower defense with a soulseeker? since it swing at 1.25 seconds, thats 6 times in 8 seconds, so 6 x 30% chance in 8 seconds, almost 100% sure that it will apply HLD all the time... is this right?

    also I have calculated the following:

    minimum STAMINA for maximum swing speed with soulseeker (formula explained here :http://www.uoguide.com/Swing_Speed)

    ((10 ticks - X)*100) / (100 + 60) = 5

    1000 - 100x = 5 * 160
    - 100x = 740 - 1000
    X = 260 / 100
    X = 2,6 = 3 round = 3 ticks = 90 STAMINA

    so even when you loose 60 points of stamina (if you have 150 dex) you still swing at max speed...
  11. hampage

    hampage Guest

    actually even 60 stam with swing it at max speed

    10 ticks (2.5 sec) - 2 ticks (60 / 30 = 2 ticks) = 8 ticks

    8 * 100 / 100 + 60 = X
    X = 800 / 160 = 5 ticks = 1.25 seconds swing
  12. Duku

    Duku Guest

    No, i do use healing :)

    I dont care if soulseeker would seing at max at 60 stamina, i want to swing 1.25 with each weapon, and at the moment i m using mace 120 (diamond mace)

    Dext is always at 140
  13. hampage

    hampage Guest

    could you please post the complete specs of that diamond mace?
  14. Duku

    Duku Guest

    DI 40
    HSL 45
    HLD 38
    HML 48
    SSI 30

    From Gold Runic Hammer
  15. hampage

    hampage Guest

    would it be impossible to use that weapon if it didnĀ“t have HSL??
  16. Duku

    Duku Guest

    No, you can use divine fury, and boost your stamina, but you should have 60+ DCI, otherwise you will often be hit ;)
  17. hampage

    hampage Guest

    why often be hit?
  18. Duku

    Duku Guest

    Divine Fury

    + 10 HCI
    + 10 DI (or 20, im not sure)
    - 20 DCI
    + 10 SSi
    Full stamina
  19. hampage

    hampage Guest

    does it give you 100% stamina every time you use it?
  20. Duku

    Duku Guest

    Yes, full stamina every time