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14 day trial to Mondain's Legacy help needed

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Locker, Jun 28, 2008.

  1. Locker

    Locker Guest

    I'm on a 14 day trial and I like the game so I want to buy it and get Mondain's Legacy and all the old expansions, etc.

    When I try to buy either the Upgrade or the New Account code from uogamecodes.com it says that my account is too new and it has to be 30 days old. Which seems weird because why would the trial be 14 days then force folks to wait for 2 more weeks to buy the game.

    Anyone have a clue on how to make this happen? I'd like to upgrade my trial account and keep my chars but I'll start over if I have to, just can't figure out how to do either one.

    FYI, BOTH the New Account and the Upgrade Account option ask you to enter a UO account name and password before you can add them to the shopping cart. Just so you know.


  2. Mulch

    Mulch Guest

    Why buy a $30 ML code when 9th age has more content and should be only $20?
  3. Locker

    Locker Guest

    Sounds great... where can I buy/download it?


  4. Mulch

    Mulch Guest

    pfff this is ea we talk about.
    If it would be easy to get anyone might play it.

    Try some gamestores garbage bins or ebay?:stir: