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[Selling] 140 month high end Atlantic based account SOLD

Discussion in 'UO Trader's Hall' started by SupSoc, May 2, 2010.

  1. SupSoc

    SupSoc Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 24, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Price: UO gold offer
    Has UOA
    Upgraded to SA

    Nosfentor: Red human warrior. 18 Long term counts. Has a completed faction – imbued suit.
    76 Physical
    76 Fire
    67 Cold
    72 Poison
    72 Energy

    45 Hit chance / 45 Defense Chance. 34 Lower mana cost and MR 6. Base damage increase 60 (Without weapon, weapons have 40 DI or higher on them to make them to 100% DI cap for PvP). Enhance potions 40% with 24 Hit point increase and 18 Mana increase.

    38% Lower attack
    40% Lower defense
    44% Fireball
    30% Swing speed increase
    40% Damage increase

    34% Lower attack
    40% Lower defense
    40% Lighting
    30% Swing speed increase
    50% Damage increase

    Has 500k in bank and rides a Swamp Dragon

    Haelfdane: Blue crafter

    Wears all 70s resist suit, that is 100 Lower reg cost.
    Has about 500k in bank and a pack horse in stable.

    Jacamo: Blue archer
    85 Physical
    85 Fire
    75 Cold
    80 Poison
    69 Energy

    44 Hit Chance / 41 Defense Chance. 44 Lower mana cost with 5 MR. Base Damage increase is 42 (Without weapon). 25 Hit point increase and 25 Mana increase. Wears faction Spirit of totem, Primer on Arms, Rune bettle carapace, and Crimson cincture.

    Composite Bow:
    50 Fireball
    43 Velocity
    35 Swing speed increase
    2 Damage increase

    40 Lower defense
    40 Lighting
    35 Swing speed increase
    21 Damage increase

    Heavy Crossbow:
    40 Fireball
    40 velocity
    40 Swing speed increase
    11 Damage increase

    In the bank has 3 Demon slayer bows, and a PvM spawn bow. Also comes with one million gold.
    Has a Paroxysmus' swamp dragon in the stable

    Mr NoobSauce: Blue human mage
    77 Physical
    77 Fire
    73 Cold
    79 Poison
    76 Energy

    Wears a 100 LRC suit that has 39 Lower mana cost and 9 mana regeneration. Total of 60 defense chance. 2 Faster casting, and 6 faster casting recovery. 26 Hit point increase, 9 Hit point regeneration with 20 spell damage increase. The artifacts used are from factions. (Crystalline ring, Ornament of the Magician, Crimson cincture, and folded steel glasses)

    Has over 400k in bank

    Sanctus Artisans: Blue gargoyle crafter
    81 Physical
    75 Fire
    95 Cold
    69 Poison
    79 Energy

    108 Lower reg
    19 Lower mana cost
    20 Hit point increase
    6 Hit point regeneration
    40 Enhance potions

    Has 80k in bank, and a blue bettle in stables

    Glycogen: Blue human warrior/PvMer

    60 Physical
    76 Fire
    62 Cold
    70 Poison
    60 Energy

    41 Defense Chance / 31 Defense Chance. 35 Lower mana cost and MR 3. Base damage increase is 64 (Without weapon). 40% Enhance potions, 12 hit point increase and 28 mana increase

    All around PvM weapon:
    48 Fireball
    55 Life leech
    55 Mana leech
    25 Swing speed increase
    40 Damage increase

    Spider slayer Scimitar:
    55 Life leech
    37 Mana leech
    Spider slayer
    6 Defense chance
    53 Damage increase

    Also uses soul seeker

    Has about one million gold in bank, along with 9k Sulphurous Ash used with the firehorn.

    House is a fel large tower NE of brit.

    Account comes with the following:
    Soul stone – 120 Ninjitsu
    Soul stone fragment – Blank (1 use remaining)
    Soul stone fragment – 110.3 Meditation (4 uses remaining)
    Soul stone fragment – 80 Mediation (4 uses remaining)
    Soul stone fragment – 100 Poisoning (5 uses remaining)
    Soul stone fragment – 96.3 necromancy (5 uses remaining)
    Soul stone fragment – Blank (3 uses remaining)
    Soul stone fragment – 103.2 Swordsmanship (5 uses remaining)
    Soul stone fragment – 120 Healing (4 uses remaining)
    Soul stone fragment – 100 Meditation (1 uses remaining)

    20 million gold inside the house.