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$150 or 30 million gold

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by Strycher, Dec 7, 2007.

  1. Strycher

    Strycher Guest

    Ok, so there was a post like this a while back by someone that nobody has ever heard of offering some serious cash for a balanced bow. Ya all gave them a prety hard time for being a nobody and untrustworthy.

    Well, I am not unknown on this Shard (Amanda Shade) and I also need a good balanced bow.

    I have tried buying fletching kits and have as of yet been unable to produce a bow of the quality that I need.

    So here is the offer. $150 or 30 million gold for a uber BALANCED Heavy Xbow.
    Also interested in a normal BALANCED bow(the one with mortal strike and para)

    Things I would most like to have:

    BALANCED (this is not optional)
    SSI: 35+
    HCI: 10+
    HLD: 35+
    Fireball: 35+

    Obviously, all of these will not make it onto the bow, but the more the better. I am not really interested much in leaches so those won't impact my offer much.

    I will send anyone who posts a PM with my offer. I have bought stuff from both Mo'Gluk and Shakaja in the past so they would give me good references I am sure.

    And just to head everyone off at the pass...a discussion of how this is not going to make just one more dismounter to deal with:

    I already have a great dismounting bow. +18 HCI and some other stuff. It is perfect for dismounting, because all I need to do is hit often on that first hit and then smoke out. I am not looking for a better bow for helping with a dismount gank.

    I am looking for a better bow to make me more competitive in solo fights primarily. The bow I have right now is just to slow to finish anyone off in a solor fight.

    So offering a really good balanced bow is not going to make any difference whatsoever in my group fighting. You will get dismounted just as easily with the one i have now as with any other I might buy.
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    i verify that, quick and easy transaction without any problems at all.
  3. unforgivenUO

    unforgivenUO Guest

    this person has always done honest business with me.
  4. Kat SP

    Kat SP Guest

    I love killing this person.

    PS.. And Unforgiven too! [​IMG]
  5. Strycher

    Strycher Guest

    Bump 1

    In case you didnt notice, I am also looking for a Balanced regular bow...not just a heavy.
  6. Strycher

    Strycher Guest

    Last bump [​IMG]