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Discussion in 'UO Pacific' started by LordTesla, Oct 26, 2009.

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  1. LordTesla

    LordTesla Visitor

    Feb 23, 2005
    Likes Received:
    Good to see even though I got bored with being trashed by those less fortunate at life outside of UO then I... I still seem to be a main topic of threads... Love the attention and drama as many of ou well know.

    Watch, I won't post a thing after this on this thread and this thread will remain bumped and active... Or locked once the Satanic, suicidal 8 year old posts something mindless and pointless only to feel better about himself after he hits submit.

    While Sargon is my GM, he does not abuse power in any way telling me to not post here, he has never mentioned it ONCE. You guys make your assumpions about those you feel threatened by and post them... While the rest of us skim over it, not really reading it enough to sink in, and post something clever to keep you pist off and nerd raged at us... It provides a few moments of entertainment during the few moments of offtime that we are here.

    Wargasm: Ok, I was denied who cares. It's not the real FL that I was denied from, it's a bunch of people that you were desperate enough to grab cause they were desperate for a big group hug. It's NOT FL. I don't really have anything against you... But I don't care HOW many ICQ's you got about the fact I said something about you on air... And you claim that nobody listens to my show... But you say you got bombarded with ICQ's... are you lying about that? Cause if you are and it was only one or two... Your just gonna believe that person? How it went down was, someone asked me why I wasn't in FL... I said cause Wargasm and the rest denied me the info to join... So I joined a REAL guild. Rest assured if I had known WHO you actually had in the guild (outside of Purg and Kiss) I would never have asked for info. And your gonna throw the "You said you were gonna call Ooji"... Ooji does not play enough anymore to care about what's happening... When he logs on it's for 30-60 mins and all he wants to do is kill someone and have fun... He does not care that I am in FL or not in FL. I would never attack him on the field. So can we end this...? I was denied enrty by a bunch of people that are stuck in a group hug with some gross blonde... "OMG, NO WAY, CAN HE LIKE, SAY THAT!"

    And who is... Balls of Asainguards... I dunno, who is that guy again.

    Stop picking on Stuii's spelling and grammer, who cares. What he says is more entertaining to read then what most of you say.

    And yes, I am STILL Pac's best crafter. People STILL come to me first, and if I don't have it or am too busy, I send them to other crafters that I know. But yes, the majority of people come to me first. My prices are best, and I can get REALLY creative. Since 120ing imbuing I have made close to 800 mil and 300 mil profit out of that. I encourage EVERYONE to put a vendor at my house, AND hunt and put up Imbuing mats cheap, I will buy them ALL out if I get there before someone else does. Vendor is free, and I don't care who you are. ICQ me for a vendor.

    |M| for the rest of UO.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.