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16th Anniversary: My Submission to 'Mesanna Story Contest' - With Pictures

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Alexander of ATL., Sep 23, 2013.

  1. Alexander of ATL.

    Alexander of ATL. Rares Fest Host | Atl June 2013
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 20, 2010
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    The Path of Destiny

    Many years have passed since she claimed freedom and started living the life of a young and beautiful women. It is a mid-autumn morning and the sun was just about to rise above the horizon. Colorful leaves scatter the area and the sound of the near winter-breeze rustles the remaining leaves high above the ground near the luna fairgrounds on Atlantic. Mesanna does her daily chores which include picking the fresh fruits in the garden, feeding Peggle the goat, and preparing for the newly established holiday: Halloween.

    Mesanna Pic1.JPG

    Mesanna opens the barn and begins feeding Peggle until her and the goat locked eyes. A solemn memory pierces her mind, a prophecy that haunts her to this day.

    A few months have passed since her last meeting with the Council of Mages, yet she is still mind-boggled by the experience. At the meeting, Mesanna received a tattered parchment from the high council mage, Damos. A great silence filled the air as she opened the parchment and read aloud:

    Mesanna pic2.jpg

    "On this horrid of nights a monster will be born
    from a mixture of emotions and somewhat torn.
    She will be consumed of the evils: hatred and pain.
    From a battle of tyranny, blood will mix with rain.
    Everything has a weakness, an Achilles Heel.
    Betrayal, Anger, and Revenge are evils you will feel.
    Slice an' Dice and tear your enemy in thrice;
    For fates are numbers; even you can't beat the dice.
    It is now time to meet your doom....1...2...3...
    I can see you but you can't see me."

    Snapping back from this painful memory, Mesanna continues her duties with Peggle and the barn.

    Somewhat distraught, Mesanna fills the water trough for Peggle and then sliced up come carrots to give to peggle as a treat. Peggle, an elderly goat now, rubs against Mesanna's hands as she lays down the carrots. She gently pets the goat affectionately and couldn't help to cry.

    "You have been there with me since the beginning, I will not let anyone hurt you. I Promise."

    After finishing his oats and carrots, Peggle nudged Mesanna as if it was his way of saying "I want more oats!" Mesanna, consumed with emotion, gives in to Peggle and decides to make a trip into town to collect some items. Before leaving, she makes a quick gesture towards Peggle and heads off towards the house. Noticing she should have went into town a lot sooner, she realizes she needs to grab more than oats and carrots. Mesanna was planning to make her famous 'Pisto Stew'- made of tomatoes, onions, eggplant, green and red peppers, olive oil, and the peculiar mandrake root. She writes down her list on a piece of parchment, which

    mesanna pic3.jpg

    - Mandrake root
    - Oats
    - Parchment
    - Various Reagents
    - A new spellbook
    - Ink

    Grabbing the last bit of items she needs, she sets off into town. On her way, she finds many objects to keep her mind occupied, a bird here, deer there, and the sound of a cow in the near distance. She couldn't help but laugh at the site of the deer and squirrel playing together.

    Alas, she comes to the opening gates of Luna and can easily feel the ambiance of the city. Merchants, Players, and many creatures that inhabit the city are all around and mingling with each other.

    mesanna pic6.JPG

    She crosses off some items on her list until she only lacks one more item: The Mandrake Root. The only place to acquire this ingredient is in the 'Shoppe of Magical and Mystical Features', which is a place where the rudest and most insane people hang out. Preparing for the worst she makes her way down the ally and before she knew it, she was now in front of the building.

    With a deep breathe, she opens the door to the shop and really isn't surprised by what she saw: Gambling drunks that were about to fight, a witch that was in the process of turning a man into a toad, and an elderly man whom she thought looked familiar. He was wearing a stained grey robe and a very dirty green floppy hat, Mesanna couldn't remember exactly where she saw him but was certain they had met before.

    "Can I help you?" the alchemist said.

    Startled, Mesanna turned around and placed her order for the Mandrake roots.

    "Yes, we have that in stock. I'll fetch this fine item for...."

    Everything froze, as If time stood still. The ticking grandfather clock was no longer ticking. The overwhelming argument of the drunkards ceased and the witch is frozen in midst of her spell. Yet, Mesanna wasn't frozen, in fact, she was far from it. Trembling, and not sure what to do, she turns around to find that the old man she somewhat knew is evaporating. Oh Wait! Not evaporating, transforming! What stood in his place was a mirror image of Mesanna herself but wasn't her at all. Mesanna stood there, frozen in fear, as the appirition spoke:

    "Greetings, I am the 'Spirit of Vengeance'. It is your time to fulfill your destiny. The prophecy has commenced. Stay true to your belief, let no one deceive you."

    All at once, the spirit takes about 100 different forms and says in a fading voice:

    "Everything has a weakness, an Achilles Heel.
    Betrayal, Anger, and Revenge are evils you will feel."

    Hearing this yet a second time she closed her eyes and screamed at the top of her lungs: NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

    She slowly opened her eyes and saw that everyone in the room is watching her in bewilderment. The appearance of the Spirit didn't even happen in their minds.

    Mesanna dropped everything she had in her hands and ran as fast as she could, so fast that every breath was a gift. She knew she had to get home fast, something terrible was about to happen.... or could have already happened. Straining to get the extra mile, she saw the entrance way to her house approaching. "RUN!" Was all she could tell her self. Finally reaching her house, she dashed down the hill to the barn, pleading that her biggest fear wasn't true. Reaching the barn, she broke through the doors and stopped. Peggle the goat was missing.

    mesanna pic7.JPG

    Feeling lost, she dropped to her knees. She couldn't hold it, tears bellowed out of her eyes. Peggle was everything to her, why would someone steal him? While sobbing, she noticed a letter addressed to her that was laying on the ground. Fingers still trembling, she picked it up and read aloud:

    "You have proven to be masterful of the art of magic. I offer to you now, a ultimatum. After your training, I watched closely as you perfected my teachings to the maximum. I am in need of an apprentice, a mage as powerful or even more powerful than myself. You remember those void demons in magincia? Those were my minions that came to test your ability. It is time to make your final decision. Become my apprentice and your goat will live. Disobey my invitation, you and your goat will die. You know where to find me.

    ~ Rel Tak"

    Mesanna, consumed with emotion, began to understand the meaning of the prophecy and what her purpose was. All of her life, she has been taken advantage of. All of those years of beatings and slavery. Her supposedly friend that burnt down her town and her house, the life she peacefully enjoyed and the Demons that scarred her mentally with the fear of dieing.

    Anger began to build. The feeling of being betrayed engulfed her. And the urge for revenge builds every second. Mesanna looked up into the sky and yelled with a mighty roar that shook the mountains: "I will find you.... and I will kill you. No ONE... harms my best friend!!"

    Rel Tak, made one mistake in his letter which enclosed the information needed for Mesanna to find him.

    Mesanna felt a new strength rush through her, the feeling of invincibility. She had enough with the people who used her for their own personal gain. She claimed her freedom of slavery and she will NOT go back to it. At heart, Mesanna knew a spell that could cause the end of the world, but in the right hands, can be used to the casters advantage: Armageddon

    With a mighty force in her voice she casted this spell.

    "Vas Kal An Mani In Corp Hur Tym"

    Mesanna closed her eyes and felt a rush of power inside her. The thought that she could also be killed in the process didn't even occur to her. She was tired of being used. Peggle was everything to her, her best friend. Without failure, she casted a gate and went through... to Rel Tak's layer.

    With a push of force, Mesanna used the element of wind to blow open the doors. Anger and Revenge took over, no one could stop her. A rush of excitement rushed through Mesanna's body when she saw the look on Rel Tak's face. He was petrified at the sight of Mesanna, looking dead in her glowing eyes. The sudden realization of death was in the air and Rel Tak went into defense mode. He started to take the fire from all the candles to make one big fiery wave. He almost succeeded, the wave consumed nearly half of the room, but Mesanna was to fast for him. Mesanna made an evil grin and a piercing laugh. With a wave of her hand, a gust of air came through her and knocked the fire out. Her and the Magician locked eyes for a split second, then Mesanna picked him up with the power of gravity and through him outside.

    Mesanna pic4.JPG

    The effect of the spell was now taking its place and instantly many shadow-like creatures surrounded Mesanna.

    "Meet my minions" says Mesanna

    Backed in the corner, Rel Tak used his only fighting option.

    "That's it. Kill me and become my apprentice. Unleash your true power and become one with what I've taught you. That's it! KILL ME!"

    Mesanna's minions moved in closer as Mesanna drew near Rel Tak. Her eyes are glowing a metallic blue and her skin turned to void black. Her hair turns the color of what some call, Abyssal- the only cloth that can be afforded by high matriarchs of kingdoms. With a bold and stern voice, Mesanna bellows out: "I SERVE NO ONE!!"
    At this time ash and dust began to swirl between Mesanna and Rel Tak.

    Some Warriors use Clubs, Swords or Bows as a mechanism for battle. Some mages use spells along with the power of pets. Not Mesanna.

    "You dare give me the option to either sell my life to you or to kill my best friend! You are now the prey as I am the predator. Here are your options, Rel Tack." says Mesanna

    The ash and dust began to swirl even more, so fast the image blurs. In place of the fiery ash stood a table engraved with the most beautiful designs ever seen. Mesanna raised her hand to the heavens and summon forth her weapon she will used against Rel Tak. The wind around Mesanna, her minions and Rel Tak begin to pick up. An image came into focus and it was clear what the item was. It came smashing down and landed perfectly on the table, a beautifully decorated pair of Dice.

    Mesanna looked Rel Tak in the eyes and he did the same to her. She remembered all of the torment she went through in her life, all the things she had to fight through, all of the nightmares she since dream-pt. She remembered the final part of the prophecy:

    "Slice an' Dice and tear your enemy in thrice;
    For fates are numbers; even you can't beat the dice."

    With this memory lingering in her head, she spoke to Rel Tak in a voice that had no mercy.

    "Hi, I’m Mesanna, wanna play?"

    Mesanna pic5.JPG


    My Prize for Third Place:

    (Abyssal Colored) 1 of 1
    #1 Alexander of ATL., Sep 23, 2013
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2013
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  2. Speranza

    Speranza Slightly Crazed
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    Mar 18, 2004
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    The only thing missing was some cow tipping!
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  3. Cyrah

    Cyrah Lore Master
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    May 12, 2008
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    !!! Well done! I tried to like it but every time I clicked like it changed to unlike... :(
  4. kongomongo

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