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2.0.6 Patch Notes- 1/23/07

Discussion in 'World of Warcraft Patch Notes' started by Lady Beth, Jan 23, 2007.

  1. Lady Beth

    Lady Beth Guest


    [*]Silencing Shot" now does only 50% of weapon damage instead of 75%.

    [*]The base damage for "Arcane Shot" has been reduced by about 9% and the bonus damage from ranged attack power reduced from 20% to 15%.

    [*] The bonus damage for "Barrage" is now 4/8/12% for ranks 1/2/3.

    [*] The bonus damage for "Improved Barrage" is now 4/8/12% for ranks 1/2/3.


    [*]Each rank of "Improved Fireball" now reduces your spell damage coefficient by 2%.

    [*]Each rank of "Improved Frostbolt" now reduces your spell damage coefficient by 2%.

    [*] "Counterspell" no longer triggers the global cooldown.

    [*]"Mana Shield" now absorbs magical damage as well as physical damage.


    [*] The bonus coefficient for "Shadow Word: Pain" has been reduced by about 9%. This should result in about 5% less damage done by "Shadow Word: Pain" for the typical priest.

    [/list]Bug Fixes

    [*]The "Frozen Shadoweave Boots" will now properly increase shadow damage.

    [*] Players will no longer lose control of their character if they try to talk to an NPC while mobs are aggro on them.

    [*] The /equip command will now work on pieces of gear that are not in your primary bag.

    [*]Fixed an issue that was causing some players to disconnect in Hellfire Citadel:Blood Furnace.

    [*]The "Corruptor" 4 piece set bonus will now be properly applied.

    [*] The Legion Fel Cannons at Forge Camp Anger in Blades Edge will now properly spawn above ground.

    [*] The Arena queue tooltip will now show the arena that the player is queued for.

    [*]Fixed an error that was causing players to disconnect if they tried to socket a gem that had been gift wrapped.

    [*]Fixed an error that was causing players to disconnect forming a party with other members in the same area.

    [*]Pet icons will now properly update in the Stables window.

    [*] Improved the robustness of the pet action bar display. It is now less likely to be accidentally blocked by addons.

    [*]Players will no longer hear the gong sound repeated after initially joining a queue for the battlegrounds.

    [*]Having a group invite declined while queued via "Looking for More" will no longer remove you from the queue.

    [*]Nethershards will no longer cost honor to purchase but will cost gold instead.

    [*]Players will no longer be given access to both quest lines following the Declaration of Allegiance to the Scryers or Aldor in Shattrath City.