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2 Accounts on Siege For Sale

Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by RobCo, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. RobCo

    RobCo Guest

    I have 2 accounts on siege I havent used for a while. Well actually I have 4 but 2 I want to keep. One is a mage tamer and the other is a multi soul stone crafter thief you name it. Ill have to look at all the details both are uo assist enabled but both are closed at the moment. If interested in either account ICQ me 146170022 thanks RobCo
    Crafter 20 month blue account
    Ml and uo assist
    stealth 110/120
    stealing 106.9/120
    magery 104.3/110
    ninjitsu 101.3/110
    hiding 100/100
    snooping 90/100
    magic resist 75.2/100
    armslore 78.8 on ss
    macefighting 88.4 on ss w/120 cap
    tinkering 100 on ss
    lumberjacky 100 on ssf
    blacksmithy 115 on ssf
    minning 100 on ssf
    carpentry 100 on ssf
    bowcraft 100 on ssf
    tailoring 120 on ssf
    These accounts arent open at the moment so as I wrote it down it looks like theres also 4 ssf with 4 uses left and 2 empty soul stones.
    The crafter account has some resources in the bank and Im sure is equiped with good items. Everything you need to play that char should be in the bank just been a while since Ive had it open.
    Tamer account is one I bought in the past. Unfortunatly I didn't write anything down about this account.
    Its an old account probably 96 months or better. Blue char
    I know these skills are above gm
    The chars wearing a good suit and has some stuff in the bank Id almost have to open the account to be more specific.
    I know theres an ethy polar bear and stuff in bank.
    The stable is full of good pets.
    Im pretty sure if I had serious buyer Ill open the account but I think theres hiding and stealth gmed on soul stones in the bank and there may be more. This accounts been closed for almost a year now and I cant find anything I wrote down about it.
    This taming account I paid $100 dollars for it when I bought it not knowing I was gonna have to upgrade to ml pay uo assist $35 dollars cause it had mark on it, plus pay the $15 uo assist fee.
    I have $180 invested in this account so if your not interested in meeting me close to that in some way than Ill just let this account sit and rot some more.
  2. Elfstone

    Elfstone Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 15, 2008
    Likes Received:
    are you looking for cash or UO gold?
    How much for the thief? ty
  3. RobCo

    RobCo Guest

    Posted new info on accounts looks like someone else has a nicer taming account