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2 New Character Skills & Gains (Crafter & Assassin), help needed!

Discussion in 'UO Players Corner' started by Heskey, Jun 1, 2008.

  1. Heskey

    Heskey Guest

    Hey guys,

    Ever since UO3D's release I've been a roleplayer on the Europa shard and haven't got much/any knowledge of anything that's been added to UO since then.

    I've always wanted a crafter though, but now I don't know how much of each skill, and/or what skills're needed to succeed as a crafter?

    As well as selling to the public, the main reason for the crafter is my RP guild, The Baronship of Cove, and will need to be able to make weapons, uniforms and leather uniforms for our members. Being an RP guild, my pack-animals are restricted to pack horses; no fire/blue beetles unfortunately, which means I'll need to be able to either gate my horses from spot to spot, or take tiny amounts back and forth to the smith via runebooks, forego-ing magery. I hear Armslore has been brought back in as a 'bonus' to Blacksmithy?

    Any help with what skills you'd suggest for that would be great.


    2nd character, an Assassin!

    Again, a full-on RP character, I've never had a stealther before and I'm getting the taste for one.

    There seems to be too many skills required to be an assassin; but then again that's my T2A blinkered vision of "7x GM". Does Ninjitsu need to be a must these days?

    The only restriction I need to ask that you apply when thinking of a template, is that in order to use poisoned weapons in the community I'm in, your character has to have the ability to poison the weapons themselves, and I'm not sure if I remember this rightly, but lethal poison may be banned (So no point having too-high poisoning)

    Any and all help appreciated, thanks so much :)

    P.S. Being an RP community it's not acceptable to wear jewelry that 'magically' enhances your characters knowledge of fighting/crafting etc, so I can't have these bizarre 35 skill templates that're compensated by jewelry :(
  2. Heskey

    Heskey Guest

    Decided, for the Crafter, to go with:

    GM Mining
    GM Armslore
    120 Blacksmith
    GM Tailoring
    GM Lumberjacking
    GM Bowcraft/Fletching
    30 Chivalry
    65 Tinkering

    Making 715 skills.

    My g/f has a carpenter/Alch/Scribe, so I'm all good there :)
  3. Magery is meeded for abbatoirs at least, music for instruments.
  4. uoBuoY

    uoBuoY Guest

    GM Tailor is worthless. Got to go 120.

    Crafting skills are an enormous committment/investment and not just training to the max. You need to commit to never-ending normal resource gathering, to collecting rare resources and to completing thousands of quests for recipe scrolls. You also need SoulStones so you can swap in/out the skills you need for farming or crafting.

    As someone else said your Carp need 65 Magery for Pentagrams and he needs 45 Music to make instruments.
  5. Basara

    Basara UO Forum Moderator
    Moderator Professional Governor Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter

    Jul 16, 2003
    Likes Received:
    First of all...

    For a pure crafter, you need to narrow down skills - which you've done to an extent by depending on the other character for alchemy & inscription.

    Let's go over the other skills, though...

    GM Mining
    GM Arms Lore
    Mining pretty much mandatory, to supply the other skills and to recover metal when salvaging.

    120 Smith
    120 Tailor
    These are musts...

    GM Bowcraft
    GM Carpenter
    These need to be on a character that has access to Arms lore, as they are weapon creating skills that have runic tools.

    Total: 640

    Support Skills (you appear to be working with a pool of 75 points, eventually 80 when you get some more time in):

    1. If you role-play a human, You need to get 5 points music skill. Then, find +15 Music Ring, +15 Music Bracelet, the Singing axe (which you can craft with Smith, using recipe), and the Minstrel talisman from the library. Together, this will give you the 45 points skill for instruments with carpentry. An elf can wear song woven mantle, and have 0 real music points (and can do with 5 points less - say, not getting the talisman).

    2. Magery: For this one, you can also sub in some jewelry, and a spellbook (the Tome of Lost Knowledge, with its +15 would be best). 30 Magery, plus +15 bracelet, +15 ring and the tome, will let you craft the magery-needed craftables. Magery requirements will be a little higher with a nage book that is crafted. Note that pack animals recall with you, once bonded. With unbonded pets, the magery gear would be your default gear, allowing you the ability to gate them from place to place, and to mark.

    3. Tinkering: only a few items (some cooking and one weapon) require tinkering with carpentry. If you are willing to use soulstones with an RP character, I'd just keep it on a stone until needed, and have another crafter do your tools (or turn in normal iron BODs for sturdy tools).

    4. If you got an Axer, put Lumberjacking on it (or swap it out with mining for logging runs, if you use soulstones). While making boards on the run is nice, it tends to hog room that the real crafting skills could use. If you and another person have the skills Lumberjacking and Carpentry between you, on different accounts, travel together, one logging, the other making the boards. Not only will it make things easier in the long haul, it allows you to have two trains of pack animals to load up before heading home.

    5. Keeping the rest in Chivalry would still be a good move. Easier healing, curing of poison, removing curses, and the ability to restore stamina when overloaded will always be useful in the field.