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2 old school players returning LF guild

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by wapabito, Mar 20, 2009.

  1. wapabito

    wapabito Guest

    hello! Wapabito (bard) and Serra (T-Hunter) are looking for an active guild that does champ spawns, dungons, pvp, and what not.

    We do not role play so if you have rules on RP as manditory to be in your guild, we respectfully decline.

    Our toon are new but we have a concept of what to do to get our toons worthy of end game. We also have possibly 2 WoW accounts to trade for gold, items, houses, or what ever you think you might have that would interest us. send an in game tell or hit us up on icq Wapabito -567612908 and Prid (Serra) -591987899

    hope to hear from you soon!
  2. wapabito

    wapabito Guest

    no guilds are recruiting? just because we came from WoW doesnt make us bad people!! haha but serious tho we are still looking for a fun guild that does things please respond if you have or know of a guild that is recruiting.

    we stil are not into RP tho.
  3. PoV is always looking for new members. We don't have any rules around RP, but we have done some in the past.

    We are currently rebuilding, so I am not sure if we can offer you everything you want, but there are a handful of us that play pretty much every day, and an even larger number that can't seem to be bothered with UO :D

    PM me, we can possibly set something up!