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24 Hours of Lessons

Discussion in 'FINAL FANTASY XI General Discussion' started by SneakyMasterclif, Apr 19, 2009.

  1. Can some Stratics member put this on the website? I'm tired of waiting to do it myself.

    24 Hours of Lessons by Masterclif

    Level Results: 1-11

    The lessons of 24 hours of playing FFXI.

    Starting Out
    1. Do what the npc says first. They will guide you around and out of town. I had to do my weapon skill to 5 as a Black Mage. Just whack away and cast spells. Level 5 weapon skill doesn't take THAT long. The npc will then give you better info after you reach each stage demanded of.

    2. Don't leave the first area you are in till you are fully established the level you are in. That exp penalty really sucks when you go back to level 5.

    3. The Moogle house of yours is in the Residential district. I think there is one in ever section of town. Check your map.

    4. Keep an eye on your signet buff. I've had it go out on me a couple of times without looking.

    5. The mentor system is very nice. Be polite, and thankful.

    6. If you push forward on the number pad and 7(home) on the number pad, then let both go, you will walk forward without having to push a button. You can still turn using the left and right keys. To cancel it, simply press 7(home) again.

    1. Going into a different area? Near the next area, don't stop paying attention for a minute. Lots of monsters there aggro when you get close, and if you die, it's a looooong way back.

    2. Spells can be interrupted. Even if the attacks miss, the spell can still be stopped.

    3. When you get another offensive spell, you can alternate between the two. That way, you wont have more then a second or two between spells. This greatly increases killing speed.

    1. Temporary items are temporary. You go into any other zone, you lose them. So don't save the things for a rainy day. Just use the things.

    2. That resurrection ring? Puts a penalty on your stats. If you use it near an enemy that attacks you on sight, you will die again. That's double the exp penalty.

    3. There's a cooldown on the item that boosts your xp gain. A long, long one. Make sure to use it when you are around enemies you want to fight, and not as you are leaving town.

    4. Temporary items don't count towards your item cap.

    5. When you are capped on items, you can't pick up anything. Even if it can easily stack with an item in your inventory(like earth crystals).

    1. Money. Ok, this is the fun part. You are broke. You know that 60g you have total? That's nothing. Once you get to level 4 or so, you should have atleast a 12 stack of the same type of crystals. Check the auction house for pricing. Look at what the previous bids were, THEN go to the sell, and sell a 12 stack for whatever the lowest price was. On my server, it was 1000 gold. Why the lowest amount? You are broke. Your priority is to sell the stack as soon as possible. If you have one of a crystal, put it up for 100 gold. Yeah, the minimum people seem to sell things is 100 gold. Once you get your hand on some money, buy a better weapon at least. Or spell. Make sure you are of a high enough level to cast the spell, of course. By the way, it's in the auction house for a week, or until someone buys it.

    2. Fishing. After depleting the fish's stamina by pushing in the opposite direction of the pole, push enter to reel it in. Yeah, it doesn't say that ANYWHERE. If you don't reel in a fish, you don't lose the bait. That includes fishing up kelp and worthless stuff. Save the kelp up to sell. It's used in cooking(high cooking). It IS a good way to get a bit of money for the first couple levels.

    3. Things are expensive. Make sure to always sell stacks on the auction house first. If they don't sell there, THEN sell them to a vendor.

    Parting Notes
    1. I probably could have leveled a lot faster, but I wanted to experience everything.

    2. The craft abilities can be hard to level if you don't know where to go for everything. Stick to just one, or two crafts, so you don't end up having to travel from one city to another.

    3. Look up every item you aren't sure of. Save the quest ones for yourself. Quests give money and rep.

    4. A lot of the resources you find, are for higher level crafts. Higher level craft items sell for more.

    5. Level up an offensive class till you hit 18. Then do whatever class you want. You will save a lot of time and effort. It's much easier to have warrior or black mage abilities to help level a white mage, for instance.

    6. Attack the Beastmen before attacking the critter next to it. Beastmen can attack when you get to close, and you may have one stopping by to say hello if you aren't careful.

    7. The party system can be tough. First time I tried, it took 3 hours, then the leader kicked everyone after the second fight to log off. No enemies were killed. The leader repeatedly attacked new monsters before the target was destroyed. Not to mention doing nothing to keep a high hate level.

    People who helped me:

    And just because I'm nice, here's the other two guides I had started writing.

    White Mage Tips
    This is not a beginner's guide to the game. I wont tell you how to move. I wont tell you how to quest. This covers the White Mage(WHM) class.

    1. First advice I will give you: Level something else up to 18 first. Leveling WHM without a subjob is extremely boring. I suggest Black Mage(BLM). For example, Stone, a first level BLM spell, costs less mana then Banish, the level 5 WHM attack spell. Hits about the same, too.

    2. Your healing spells are heavily dependant on your healing skill. In order to raise your healing skill, you have cast Cure on something that is hurt. The fastest way to raise this skill, is to wait for your first couple levels(doesn't take long), and then attack something labeled as easy prey. After beating it to an inch of it's life, disengage before you kill it. Then stand still and let the fun begin! Every time it hits you, cast cure on yourself. This is the best way I've found to level up the healing skill. Sounds brutal, sounds boring. It's both. Use up all your mana, then wack the enemy to death. Sit down, regen your mana, and begin again. The larger the mana pool, the more times you can cast your cure spell. Alternatively, you can spam cure every time you are hit while whacking on something. The downside is that you will kill your enemy before you run out of mana.

    How to travel from the Taru city to the Dunes
    Sarutabaruta -> Tahrongi Canyon -> Buburimu Peninsula -> Mhaura -> Boat to: Selbina

    There you all go. Hope someone can benefit.
  2. Banhammer

    Banhammer Guest

    I'll get Onewing to take a look at this thread for you. Not sure what the holdup is myself, but it's not something I'm really in a position to address regardless.
  3. Thanks. I really just hope someone manages to put it up. I would hate for that work to not help anybody.
  4. Trish

    Trish Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Oct 31, 2003
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    I don't know how often Onewing checks public here, but I think he's having problems getting into the area where we update articles. So that would be what's holding him up.
  5. Onewing

    Onewing Guest

    Yeah, I'm still working on it, unfortunately.

    Thanks for still offering this great work, SneakyMasterclif! Eventually, I'm going to get all the bureacracy straightened out, and I'll put this data up (and see if you're still interested in a content position ;) )