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2v2 PvP Tournament Event on Friday, March 27th @ 6:30 EST

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by Simon Francis, Mar 21, 2009.


    Come support your friends and foes March 27th @ 6:30PM EST for a 2v2 battle of champions! Watch competitors face off against each other in what is sure to be a fierce competition full of rivalry, teamwork, and astounding skill!

    The prizes to be won will be great for the champions! Runner ups will acquire vast riches as well as spectator prizes!

    When: Friday, March 27th @ 6:30PM EST

    Location: Jhelom Farms Fel*
    *(Subject to change depending on crowd cooperation)

    Spectators: Must be Ghosts

    Sign-Up: Players wishing to enter must contact Simon Francis (210-378-401) with both teammates' character names and ICQ numbers. A 2 million gold entry fee per team will be required to reserve a spot.

    **Breaking of Rules will result in disqualification of Tournament**
    Each Battle will consist of Best of 3 Fights, single elimination.

    No Offscreen
    No Hiding/Invisible
    No Pets/Summons
    No Essence of Wind/Thunderstorm
    No Fields
    No Wraith Form
    No Faction Bandaids
    No Orange Petals
    No Wildfire

    Grapes Wraith
    Fruit Bowls
    Purple Petals
    Ninja Stars/Darts
    Magic Wall
    Conflag Pots
    Gift of life if cast during fight
    Resurrecting Partner during fight

    **RULES SUBJECT TO CHANGE, Please check regularly**

    Sign-Up (8 Teams Available, more upon request)
    Entry Fee (2m Per Team)
    1. Enyo & Acidbath
    2. graves & pepsi
    3. Willy Wonka & Shenanigans
    4. samurai-jack & piece of mind
    5. Eggplant & Whoa
    6. Ice-rocker- & Invincible
    7. OJ Simpson & Deception
    8. big angry crunch & beastmode


    Grand Prize for each of the two Tournament Champions:
    1 Europa Gold Waraji and Tabi crafted by UORUS PvP Champs
    2 Valorite Runic Hammers
    4 Barbed Runic Kits
    10 Million Gold

    Runner-Up Prize for each teammate:
    10 Million Gold
    2 Barbed Runic Kits

    Sponsored by Simon Francis and the UORUS Team

    Contact Simon Francis (210-378-401) To Register for Tourny
    Required Information: Character Names and BOTH ICQs of Players

    Tournament Participants are asked to ICQ Simon Francis by 6:15PM

  2. Mairut

    Mairut Guest

    So if I wanted to go and be a spectator, I would have to find someone to kill me? Cool. So who's interested in getting a count? Seriously.
  3. NB-Cats

    NB-Cats Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran

    Aug 12, 2003
    Likes Received:
    If you're a mage, cast on yourself.

    If you're a dexer, drink poison, use explosion pots or target 20 animals and don't forget to remove your armor/weapon.
  4. Cal Hurst

    Cal Hurst Guest

    The ghost rule is there to reduce the lag of participants. Also, you don't lose out on anything if you have UOA, as you can show yourself as an animal and the color returns.
  5. Mairut

    Mairut Guest

    I was actually thinking about charging a several hundred gp's for someone to get a count off my murder. Of course, reds have been doing that for years on the newblets that wander into Fel for free.

    I guess I could always poison myself as a backup.

    I didn't know that it would reduce lag, thats pretty neat (seriously). I just thought it was to keep utter chaos from happening if a couple of reds crashed the party.
    Would be a fun free-for all though ^.^ Just turn it into a last three standing and grand-prize goes to the person with the most health when time is called.

    I'll try to go, but my sister is going to be having her first child very soon so we'll see.
  6. The ghost rule is intended to keep choas from happening too quickly. I expect things to eventually get out of hand which is why I have a back up location, though I always like to give spectators the chance to watch first.
  7. Thank you to all who came to respectfully watch and participate in the tournament! Several spectators were awarded with checks for 1m and barbed kits. One to two million gold exhibition fights between crowd members took place between official matches where one team was in stat.

    Champions were OJ and Deception
  8. LordNoximos

    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 11, 2008
    Likes Received:
    A concussion archer, and a concussion macer, and you question my refusal to enter? God, I hate you.