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"30 day trial" with Stygian Abyss new account

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Stashy, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. Stashy

    Stashy Guest

    Does anyone know if it's normal for a Stygian Abyss new account to be stuck with trial restrictions for 30 days (when no trial was ever used), and if so, has anyone ever had luck with getting them removed? Just wondering if dealing further with EA's support is worth it, or if I should just resign myself to 30 days of restrictions.
  2. Tina Small

    Tina Small Stratics Legend
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend 4H

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I seem to recall reading that someone who found themselves in the same situation not long ago called Customer Support and they were able to remove the trial account status from the person's account. However, I think the person effectively lost the 30-day free game time when that happened.
  3. Stashy

    Stashy Guest

    That gives me some hope! I really don't want to be kneecapped for 30 days! I've probably spent over 12 hours in the past week and a half waiting in queues and talking to them(getting the account started), so I needed that light at the end of the tunnel to give me hope! Even if it's only a small chance. Thank you for the response.
  4. Tinsil

    Tinsil Guest

    I thought this was "fixed" already? I seem to remember reading it.
  5. Mythic Entertainment | Ultima Online - Stygian Abyss Launch Details
    current and former account's (up grade) $19.99
    New accounts only $29.99 30-day gametime included

    No mention that I could find of ANY >30 day< trials anywhere
    14 days yes, 30 days no.

    No mention of any way to buy >just< a New account without a months game time included

    Ultima Online™: Stygian Abyss™ is now available
    via digital download* from the following sites:

    * After purchasing Stygian Abyss, consumers will receive a retail registration code to be entered into the account center at: https://account.ea.com/myacct/uo/uo-hub.jsp?skin=uo

    No, it is not normal for a new account to have a "trial status".
    A new account is a FULL account, no restrictions (other than "young") should be present.

    What "restrictions" are you encountering >IN GAME< ?
  6. Stashy

    Stashy Guest

    The one I run into constantly in game is being unable to repeat repeatable quests, like the escorts in Haven. It gives me a line "This quest giver has no other quests to share. Free trial accounts cannot repeat quests." My miner also has around 70 skill and hasn't seen any colored ore yet. That could be terrible luck, but with the escorts giving off that line, I'll assume it's not.

    Everything else so far that is restricted I've not tried. I don't have the funds for a house (but almost certainly will within a few weeks), haven't visited any Felucca Dungeons (I'd like to soon!), nor done any BODs. Most of those I've held off while waiting on this. It even shows as a 30 day trial in account management, as seen below:


    Weird, isn't it?
  7. Tinsil

    Tinsil Guest

    Trial accounts cannot receive colored ore. They were supposed to remove the restriction for new accounts that are actually paid for by the new account code, but it appears they did not.
  8. Are you perhaps on a buddy referral ?
    Only way I can imagine that it reads 30day trial
    10 Jun 2011

    Buddy Referral System Temporarily Unavailable From Monday on | Mythic Entertainment | Ultima Online

    Discussed last year
    Free one month... - Ultima Online Forums

    colored ore starts at dull copper 65skill
    Professions: the Miner

    As streaky as the RNG can be, not seeing any "yet" ... *shrugs*

    and *ahem* the GTC "goes active" when?

    Might explain your "confusion about new account with a key code,"
    The "buddy" needs thirty days "in good standing"

    Once your friend(in this case you) has reached the 30-consecutive day subscriber period

    A good subscriber is a PAID subscriber, 30 days of PAID for play
    their account active and in good standing for thirty (30) consecutive days

    the other mention of "lifting/changing" trial status is tied into account management for 14 day trials
    Ultima Online Account Migration - A Note From The Producer | Mythic Entertainment | Ultima Online
    An additional feature is the capacity for trial accounts to immediately join the game without waiting for the full 14 days.

    ^^that would different from a "buddy account" (30 days) and "trial + 30day" maybe accounting short hand for:
    may earn a "free" token for the referrer (where the referral came from) AFTER 30days paid play

    buddy system down
    accountingsystem has a few bugs in it
    or maybe not ...Account Center Maintenance - 08/29 | Mythic Entertainment | Ultima Online

    ea.support remains your only option
  9. Stashy

    Stashy Guest

    Nope, not a buddy referral. And yeah, I've been talking to their support. They've been no help thus far, but hopefully that'll change soon! Thanks anywho guys.
  10. You're fixed now right?
    A Quick Note About Accounts | Mythic Entertainment | Ultima Online

    General News
    A Quick Note About Accounts
    Kai Schober
    1 Sep 2011 13:25:33 EST

    Hello everyone,

    We wanted to give you guys a quick update on a few topics. The issue with Accounts being stuck in a Trial state has been fixed. If you are still experiencing this problem please contact our Customer Service by placing an in-game petition. Housing is still in a no decay state till we finalize the testing, we hope to have this finished along with re-enabling Veteran Rewards by the end of next week. We’ll keep you guys updated when we have additional information to pass along.

    Thanks everyone!

    The UO Team
  11. Stashy

    Stashy Guest

    Yeah they fixed my account yesterday morning. Thanks for the heads up though!