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[4 Sale] Full Suits & Arties & Tokens - Read Inside

Discussion in 'UO Lake Superior Trade' started by Flats, Feb 2, 2009.

  1. Flats

    Flats Guest

    Full Scouts Set - 12M (Female Or Male)
    Full Knights Set - 12M (Female Or Male)
    Polar Bear Ethys 4.7M
    Member of the Britain Guard (Original) Purple Or Orange @ 2M Per
    Full Virtue Armor Set - 1.8M
    Legs Of Bane - 1M
    Heritage Tokens - 390K Per
    Lucky Necklaces - 1M
    Primer On Arms Dmg Tally - 1.4M
    Bleue Spring Cleaning Jewlery - 10M Full Set
    Cloak Of Corruption 250K
    Melissas Cloak 250K
    Tome Of Lost Knowledge - 1.3M
    Clanins Spellbook 1.8M
    Scrappers With Different Mods - ASK
    Hunters Headress - 800K
    Mythical Detective Of The Royal Guard +4 Int Boots - 8M
    Anatomy & Healing Mark Of Trav 1.4M
    Rum Red Tokuno Dyes & Nox Green Dyes - ASK
    Aegis - 1.3M
    Staff Of Pyros Or Magi 800K
    Hooded Shroud Of Shadows 4M Per
    Dark Grey Robe - 2.5M
    Dark Grey Robe & Cloak - 4M
    Powder Of Fort - 10 @ 550K

    ICQ AT 247995651 - Survivor Gear Inc