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EM Announcement 4th Meet and Greet

Discussion in 'Arirang EM Forum' started by EM Hanarin, Feb 28, 2014.

  1. EM Hanarin

    EM Hanarin UO Event Moderator
    UO Event Moderator UO Event Moderator

    Dec 28, 2013
    Likes Received:
    Good day, this is EM Hanarin.

    Upcoming 8th March, 2014. 10PM in KST, we’ll have 4th Meet and Greet. M&G is not an event but to communicate you and EM to discuss the future of events, share the suggestion, and discuss of it.

    Date: 8th March 2014. 10PM
    Location: Britain EM Hall

    The subject of this Meet and Greet is the extension of last M&G. And also this is the place where I introduce and discuss of new participation system. So the subject would be “Community unity and participation point system”.

    Before the M&G, I would like to give you some information to think about it and give us your voices upon it. Those voices will be valuable feedbacks to me before I start it. I hope you to speak up whatever you think.

    Community Unity

    First of all, current Korean shards, especially Arirang shard I am charging in, is scattered. Everyone is scattered every places with their friends. Also I do know that you are having issues about Customer Support as well because of language differential. This issue has been acknowledged long time and I always discussed about this issue. However, even if I do know, it is hard to talk about because my role is limited and that is beyond my authority.

    But I would like to come up with an idea that can help the community and those who need help. And also I got feedbacks from people who interested in this issue as following:

    1. First is adding forum function in this website. You can see the forum in menu but it’s not working yet. It is still on testing to check out it’s working properly. So far, I have a login issue so I set address back to hanarin.ncity.net from ultimaonline.kr. You can still login through later one though. Anyway, if there is anyone who need help can post their problems to the forum and anyone can reply them including me. It is more like information sharing forum.
    2. Here’s suggestion from one player: EM visits a certain time and channel, which made by EM to avoid any favoritism and channel must be public, of IRC and giving some help to the players. In fact, I am not sure whether Broadsword will grant me to do such thing. There are some issues we need to concern about it because of favoritism. However, I would like to hear your opinions of it.
    3. Here’s suggestion from another player: EM delivers players issues and send them to CS team. In this case, my opinions is, it is hard to do such thing and it’s beyond of my role. Two options are also beyond of my role but this is much different than others because I should directly contact with CS team. I can give you some advices, but it is another story if I contact CS team myself. So this option is quiet difficult. However, I would like to hear your opinions as well as above two options.
    New Participating Point System (Adventure Points)

    So far, you could get rewards through the battle. Of course, this top attacker system is the only option you can have rewards and it won’t be change. This top attacker will be go on because it is the best way to determine who’s going to get rewards so far.

    Nevertheless, what I am feeling sad is, lots of players who participating my events show their enthusiasm and active are sometimes failed to get the result of their efforts. Top attacker system is best system we’ve got but it is not perfect as every system has flaw. So I try to think about this system. This is, of course, a draft. And not yet approved. However, there are some shards which have similar system so I am trying to make one for my shard.

    Therefore, I would like to hear your opinions of this system. About the current idea of it. The basic system mechanism that I am thinking is this:

    How to earn the points

    In almost every events, RPC will ask players to do something or ask delivery or find something, etc. When you successfully carry out such things, you’ll get the points. The points you can get in one event is 1 or 2. And top 5 players can get those points.

    How to use the points

    You can earn points in a year. And end of the year, I will have M&G again before the award to check out what reward would you like to have. To get rewards, you must use points that you have earned. However, you can refuse to use it and collect them more. There will be no reset.


    What we can giving out through this system is not big rewards. However, it will show your friends that how much you have been participating and give your efforts to the events. It will be a sort of wearable clothing. It will have special hue and name on it but won’t have magic properties. I hope you understand that.

    These rewards can be earned by using your points. Each rewards requires a certain points. For example, you can earn 48 maximum in a year. You can choose boots for 20 points and sash for 15 points. Therefore you can use 30 points for two rewards. On the other hand, you can just spend 45 points for special title.

    And you can improve those items you have earned. For example, if you choose 15 point sash this year and you pick sash again next year, you have to return original one then you can earn more special hue with name on it. Titles are same as well.

    For example, if you have a sash for 15 point, that has crimson red with “The Solitary Wanderer” name on it, first. And then next year you earn 15 points and choose sash again, you will earn ice glowing hue with “The Seeker of Adventure” name on it after you return original one.

    This is the current idea of participation points system so called Adventure Point System.

    Read the information above and come join me to let me hear your opinions next week. I will start the system after we’re discussed about it enough and refer them.

    Than let’s see next week!