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[Bushido] 50 Bushido just to get Honor and Lightning strike?

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by eekamouse, May 8, 2010.

  1. eekamouse

    eekamouse Guest

    If I take just 50 Bushido on my stealth archer for Honor and LS, can that be useful?

    Basically I just want to get be able to exploit Perfect and the Hit Chance buff.

    I'm playing with this template right now... The first number is real skill and the parantheses is with gear.

    Stealth 50 (100)
    Stealing 50 (100)
    Archery 100 (120)
    Tactics 100
    Alchemy 100
    Hiding 100
    Ninjitsu 120
    Chiv 80

    The Alchemy is pretty fun, but I'm thinking of dropping it and getting 50 Bush, 20 stealth, 20 stealing, with another 10 to put into tracking I guess. I don't know. Maybe just put it at 60 Bush.

    Right now my gear is basically the following, while working on some other pieces as well.

    +20 steal/stealth (shadow leggings)
    +30 steal (jewels)
    +30 stealth (jewels)
    +20 archery (hunter's headdress)
    +40 Enhance Potions (jewels)
    +40 DI (jewels)

    I figure I can remove the Enhance Potions when I drop Alchemy, and add more Bushido or Tactics, or HCI or whatever is lacking from the rest of my gear.
  2. You may as well forget about the Honor, you won't be doing much with Perfection with only 50 skill.
  3. [JD]

    [JD] Guest

    hello eeka, i would like to point out if you are wearing all-mediable gear, all that is required to stealth and not be revealed due to failure is *75* skill

    therefore you can drop your trained stealth to 25, so that with your +50 in items you have 75 effective. you'll have 25 spare pts to allocate elsewhere.

    fwiw i used to run at 120 stealth and after months of dropping it to 75 i'd say the only downside is if you are in factions and experience statloss, being at 120 skill will mean while in stat you have 80 skill (which is above 75, the requirement) and hence can stealth around still... (although hiding will only be 80 so you may experience issues there)
  4. eekamouse

    eekamouse Guest

    I was under the impression that 120 Stealth added a sizeable damage bonus to your Surprise Attack and Death Strike etc skills.

    That does sound interesting though. Maybe I could drop Stealth to 25, and put Bushido at 75 and jewel it up over 100.
  5. Freelsy

    Freelsy Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I was under the impression that it would just take more hits to acquire perfection...and once you hit it you'll still be doing 100% Di
  6. eekamouse

    eekamouse Guest

    I think you are right. Quote from Stratics' Bushido page:

    So instead of 10 hits, it takes 20, and if it's true that you ALWAYS get the HCI bonus from LS, it sounds like a fair plan. /shrug I think I will have to test it.

    Mainly I'm exploring this route, because my Greater XP pots were not doing that great of damage on Miasma and other high end mobs even with over 50% Enhance Pots.
  7. eekamouse

    eekamouse Guest

    Ok, I think this is my re-work...

    Stealth 25 (+50 = 75)
    Stealing 70 (+30 = 100)
    Archery 85 (+35 = 120)
    Tactics 100
    Bushido 85 (+15 = 100)
    Hiding 100
    Ninjitsu 105 (+15 = 120)
    Chiv 75
    Meditation 60

    +20 archery (hunter's headdress)
    +20 steal (shadow legs)
    +20 stealth (shadow legs)

    15 ninja
    10 stealing
    25 Dmg Inc
    15 stealth
    15 HCI

    15 archery
    15 bushido
    25 Dmg Inc
    15 stealth
    15 HCI

    The rest of my gear will add MR, stats, and high resists.
  8. That impression would be incorrect. At 50 skill you'd have 50 DI. You don't get 100% DI from achieving perfection until you're GM at least.
  9. I may be wrong on this, but if memory serves there are only 10 steps to Perfection. Once you've reached 10 you don't go any farther. It's been a very long while since I had less than 120 though, so someone else would need to test this. I do know that you'll be sorely disappointed with 50 Bushido if you expect to get to the same levels as someone with 100-120 in the skill.
  10. eekamouse

    eekamouse Guest

    Yep. I rejigged my template and gear a bit to get 100 Bushido.
  11. Delbrie

    Delbrie Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran

    Jan 17, 2006
    Likes Received:
    I had 50 Bush on my archer and with 120 archery, high stamina + fast bow, and maxed HCI i easily achieved perfection. Since my archer is doing more fel hunts, bushido is not a necessary survival skill and the limited benefits of it in pvp made me stone it and replace with focus.