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6th Anniversary of The Battle for Trinsic: some notes

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Dor of Sonoma, Mar 9, 2006.

  1. The invasion of Trinsic and its subsequent occupation in the Spring of 2000, brought together the shard as few experiences have, before or since.

    A prodigious effort to free the City of Honor was put forth by Sonoma citizenry, as evidenced in The Battle for Trinsic, which waged on for weeks untold. Armies were raised, coalitions formed, lives lost, valor witnessed and losses mourned.

    It would be difficult indeed to find anyone who existed during those dark times, who was not affected in one way or another by that War. Those who did not fight themselves crafted furiously to supply the soldiers with necessary gear, aided in recruitment efforts or researched into possible methods to defeat the overwhelming enemy.

    The experiences of one such Sonoma player may be found here, in Hurin's Journals. An excerpt:

    "I arrived to find total carnage. The gate had been forced. Liches, all types of skeletons, and mummies roamed the streets of the once fair city, slaying at will. A valiant band of warriors could be seen making a stand at the main intersection down the street from the gate. Gradually, the valor of this band began to tell on the forces of evil as they gradually began to be forced back through the gate and out into the wilderness..."

    A series of increasingly disturbing incidents had led up to the Fall of Trinsic, as documented in the following manuscripts:

    Strange Occurances Across the Realm; Guards Remain Unresponsive Jan 15 2000

    Crisis in Britannia! Jan 27 2000

    Lord British Speaks Feb 3 2000

    Trinsic Set to Fall Feb 10 2000

    Travelers Routed Around Trinsic Feb 10 2000

    Trinsic Falls - Guards Defeated Feb 11 2000

    Trinsic Hath Fallen! Feb 15 2000

    Spotlight: A Battle for Trinsic March 3 2000

    A Battle for Trinsic - Jou'nar's Entrance March 10 2000

    A Battle for Trinsic - A Bard's Tale March 17 2000
  2. Midnite

    Midnite Guest

    That was an awesome event for every shard - Fun event that was!
  3. EvilEris

    EvilEris Guest

    and they don't do things like this anymore because....?
  4. Rapier

    Rapier Guest

    They don't do things like that anymore because it was Origins way to put the addition of Trammel into the storyline... back when the game had a storyline.
    Players complain about too many PK's and not enough protection from them. PK's counter that without PK'ing they'll quit and go to another game (which also doesn't allow PK'ing). Origin decides, ok.. lets make it both ways.. how to put that in without interrupting the story??? Oh thats easy, lets have evil overthrow the world and have Lord British magically create a new safe world for those wanting that. Rather than have an event that will be remembered years laterto introduce changes, now they make changes for no particular reason.
    We're still on the boat, but now theres nobody in the pilothouse.
  5. Lady Vixen

    Lady Vixen Guest

    At the time this was happening thruout Sorsaria I was a newly born mage/scribe on Lake Superior, a time before I had learn of the magical ping pong my skills and stats were very low and weak. So there was little I could. I did not learn of ping pong till a long time after so I avoided places such as Trinsic during this period. *Wishes ping pong was still here*

    In April of 99 is when we first walked into these lands, homeless I stayed in the Inn near the East Bank of Brit. The lands of Trammel were still not ready for placement and even if I could fine a area to place in Felucca I had little money to buy a deed, it took me weeks to earn enough to even buy my first horse, for then horses cost over 1200g which was alot when you have to buy regs and all that was in your bag was 100g and 3 each of each reg and thy spell book had 3 spells.

    Here we met other newly born citzens of Sorsaria and talk of a guild in the new lands was something we all wanted. But we did not have a house to place a guild stone much less the gold to buy one, so in name only did we form our guild. AoJ [Angels of Justice]. Nightly we hunted as a group. I learned to weld the mace as I was weak in skills as a mage. Half of the gold I earned every night went to the purchasing of a house deed for our guild.

    We had form a council to lead the guild and I was a member of that council. We all voted and picked one to be the house purchaser on the day that the lands of Trammel came open to placement. The night we all waited for came, and our hero was ready, we had earned enough gold to place a LARGE house for all of us, and our man did place, but alas a problem arose when the night that we placed did not take and we lost the house [revert] when we went to try again the place where wanted it was taken and we had no other places [runes marked] and we missed large placement night.

    I suggest to the one holding the deed to the large to sell it back and get all of us smaller house deeds we could then try that. I had marked runes to several places where we could place smaller houses. So in the end we all got small houses, not as grand a dream we wished for, yet we were happy. Sadly the AoJ did not last long, Lake Superior was having so many problems, and we all traveled to other lands, all of us seeking a time to play when we could on those shards. My shard at this time became Chessy, and today I still have a Grandmaster warrior/mage there. Yet I was not happy there, my old friends were leaving LS [many were having problems in real life] , soon I was alone in the AoJ [oh they were still on the stone yet they never played any more] .

    One day I was discussing with a buyer of my recalls [on LS] about the AoJ and the grand dreams we had and that I was all alone now and it here I was invited to joined the KoH, and thinking it over I accepted joining the ranks of their guild. I found out that several of its members were also on Sonoma and travelled here as well during those times when LS was falling [so many times it fell].

    The rest is history, when they came out with one house one shard rule I chose Sonoma to continue my UO life.