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700 Annual Runs Served and Counting!

Discussion in 'Halo General Discussions' started by Noles, Jul 3, 2012.

  1. Noles

    Noles Guest


    From TangoDown385:

    What do you get when you combine four players, Legendary difficulty, Iron, four Ghosts, and zero gamerscore? A two-hour long headache. That is, unless you have a secret unlimited ammo Spartan Laser, ContactTango, and his Annualists! Then, it is a 20-minute or less leisure cruise! ContactTango is the Captain of the Vidmaster: Annual Achievement Team and Forum Administrator at the Spartan 1 Project. Recently, ContactTango completed his - get this - 700th successful Annual run! I believe some sort of congratulations are in order, so I had some of the team members put it in their own words.

    "To say ContactTango is a dedicated man is an understatement. To have done 700 recorded Annual runs, some with terrible lag (that's my Australian connection), and even managing to fit another run in before the birth of his daughter, that's some serious commitment to helping members of the Halo community along the Road to Recon. Not only is Tango on the team, he is the co-founder of the famed Annual Team, and he helped perfect the route we take to ensure the achievement is done quickly and efficiently. You could say Annual is now in his blood. I swear he could do it in his sleep! It's been great to be able to serve the community alongside ContactTango, and we even got a record out of it: Annual in 12:26 baby! You need Annual? Tango is the man."
    -r c takedown

    "ContactTango is a bad-ass. It's as simple as that. I owe him a huge debt of gratitude for all of the opportunities that he has given me since taking me on as an Annualist. After more than 300 of my own runs, I've had the chance to meet so many awesome people, from Bungie employees to everyday members who come through our site. I can guarantee that, without all of the hard work that Marc has put into Annual and all of the Spartan I Project's other teams, my experience as a gamer would have been fundamentally changed. Marc had a hand in the creation of every single achievement team here at SIP, but there was something about Annual that has kept him coming back for more. The teams are our main advertising point when we are out recruiting. Many people stick around after getting their achievements to enjoy our community, but it's for damn sure that most of them came to get help with those Vidmasters. Without all the work that Marc put into our teams, I'm certain that SIP would be nowhere near as big as it is today. Maybe that's the one thing that I'm most grateful for; he's given myself and 30 or 40 others the opportunity to help out and foster something bigger than ourselves. Thank you, Marc."

    "I joined SIP in late Feb 2009 after I got a recruitment message on another Xbox 360 gaming website, looking to get help with some of the Halo 3 achievements. Shortly thereafter, Marc set me up on an Annual run and sent a friend request. We talked during and after the run, which took about 30 minutes because of my crap internet at the time. Soon after, we started doing some multiplayer and campaign together. Three years, many games, many achievements, and many laughs later, I'm happy to say we're friends. Marc loves the game; that's the only way he could have helped so many gamers with this achievement. He had just as much enthusiasm teabagging Johnson the 700th time as he did three years ago with me. This guy is a Halo Ambassador, and along with other SIP members, has probably helped more gamers with Halo than anyone in the world. But more importantly, I'm lucky to have him as my friend."

    ContactTango is a truly awesome guy. The level of dedication that he shows Annual is nothing to the kind of dedication that he has toward his family and career, and that is saying a lot. Juggling his business and brood of children, he still always found time to help others get this achievement. If he could find 20 minutes, one, two, hell, three people could get this difficult achievement taken care of. Being an admin at SIP with him, I've gotten to know Marc very well and am honored to call him my friend. After all of this time of doing the same thing over and over, he confessed to me that he still finds it fun. I had the pleasure of doing the 700th with him and I have seen, first-hand, start to finish, CONTACTTANGO OWNS ANNUAL! The Halo community is blessed to have someone like you. I'm not going to say, "Here's to another 700!" because I don't think you left that many without it. But I will say, here's to Halo 4 and its achievement list being worthy of YOU! Cheers, my man!

    If you happen to not have Vidmaster: Annual (or any other Vidmasters for that matter), ContactTango and the rest of the team members are eager to help at the Spartan1Project.com.

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