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77 month trial account?

Discussion in 'UHall' started by UOAuctions, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. UOAuctions

    UOAuctions Guest

    Was going threw some things with a friend, was going to sort bods for her and this is what i get.... please explain to me how my main account which is 77 months is considered a trial account.

  2. Theres a post about this on the second page of Uhall...


    Apparently the new publish has bugged afew accounts hope they get this resolved soon. So far dont think my account was effected but I havent tried doing bods yet. I am having an issue though of the guild Im in not showing up on my guilds alliance roster which started happening last night wonder if thats related to anything thats happened since this publish
  3. UOAuctions

    UOAuctions Guest

    Thank you, I missed that...! geesh this is pretty upsetting. Now I log onto each of my chars and everyone of them being in minax i get a message at log in "you resign from your guild". I check the guild leader account and guild is still up and running :( disappointing to say the least.