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8x8 For Dummies

Discussion in 'UO Spellcaster' started by FatherGanja, Jun 12, 2001.

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  1. FatherGanja

    FatherGanja Guest

    <font color=blue><center>Written by Lord Beowulf</font color=blue></center>

    Ok folks here it is. This post will explain in the plainist of english how to do the infamous 8x8 method. The problem with previous 8x8 FAQs is that they inflate 8x8 into this complex borderline scientific method. The truth is 8x8 is a very simple concept. Please note this method is refering to gaining skills that are at least master level, therefore hard to raise normally. Example: Magery, Eval, Resist.

    <font color=red><center>How do I do 8x8?</font color=red></center>

    <font color=blue>1st, you need to get supplies:</font color=blue>
    A boat
    About 500 of the regs you want to use

    <font color=blue>2nd, you must go out into the ocean</font color=blue>
    Self Explanitory

    OK heres were the "hard" part comes in.

    <font color=blue>3rd, get in your boat and sail <font color=red>EAST.</font color=red> Be sure ot have your boat facing <font color=red>NORTH</font color=red></font color=blue>

    <font color=blue>4th, cast the spell you wish <font color=red>every 2 seconds</font color=red></font color=blue>

    <font color=blue>5th, as soon as you get a gain <font color=red>STOP</font color=red> sailing east. Type "stop" and your tillerman will obey.</font color=blue>

    This is were alot of people get confused, so let me explain. Once you get a gain you have hit a "run". A run is a distance north or south that is rich with resource squares. So in a nutshell, you gain tons of skill while on a "run".

    Now you must determine if your run is north or south. That is very easy to do.

    <font color=blue>6th, go 8 spaces backwards. (south) You may achieve this by saying "backwards one" to the tillerman eight times. Once you are there, cast a spell.</font color=blue>

    Now we come to a fork in the road so listen <font color=red>VERY</font color=red> closely because this part is very important.

    <font color=blue>7th, <font color=red>IF</font color=red> you get a gain then start to sail south and cast as fast as possible. You are now on a "run". Congratulations, you got 8x8 to work. If you get a gain <font color=red>DO NOT</font color=red> proceed to any further steps.

    <font color=blue>8th, If you <font color=red>DONT</font color=red> get a gain sail 16 spaces north. This can be achieved by saying "forward one" to the tillerman 16 times.</font color=blue>

    <font color=blue>9th, <font color=red>YOU WILL GAIN HERE.</font color=red> Once you get a gain proceed to sail north, and cast as fast as you can. You are now on a "run". Congratulations, you got 8x8 to work.</font color=blue>

    Once your run dries up (you stop gaining skill) then go back to step 3 and repeat the process.

    <center><font color=red>8x8 Frequently Asked Questions</center></font color=red></font color=blue>

    Q: Do I need the 8x8 rescource grid to do 8x8?

    A:<font color=blue> ABSOLUTELY NOT. The 8x8 rescource grid has been deamned and illegal 3rd party program and is a banable offense. Also, if you follow my instructions there is no need for it anyway.</font color=blue>


    Q: Why am I not gaining skill? I followed all your directions perfectly!

    A:<font color=blue> 8x8 is not a sure fire way to gain skill always. It is the way the skill gain system works. So if your on a big shard that is very crowded and 1000 other mages are trying to 8x8 at the same time you are, skill gain is slow. Remember, <font color=red>your not the only mage who is 8x8ing in his/her power hour.</font color=red></font color=blue>


    Q: Does 8x8 help inscription?

    A:<font color=blue> No. Inscription is not effected by the anti-macro code and therefore you do not need to move to gain skill.</font color=blue>

    One slays daemons, the other......carrots.<font color=red>
    Signature by Succabus of Atlantic!</font color=red><font color=green>
    LS, Mage,East Coast Trading, SnR & Star Wars Forum Moderator</font color=green></center>
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