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[Selling] 92 month old account on Chesapeake

Discussion in 'UO Trader's Hall' started by NEVEC, Jun 12, 2008.

  1. NEVEC

    NEVEC Guest

    Will Take $50.00 paypal or MAKE OFFER.

    Chesapeake Shard 92 month old account

    with UOAssist

    Wolves Raine / tamer

    archery 91.3
    tactics 74.9
    chivalry 60.0
    eval int. 80.0
    magery 79.6
    resisting spells 60.0
    animal lore 90.1
    taming 86.1
    veterinary 85.0

    str 101
    dex 79
    int. 80

    pys resist 70
    fire 69
    cold 58
    poison 64
    energy 63

    has on him: talisman-birds of britannia, quiver of infinity, kasa of the raj-in, stitcher's mittens, heart of the lion in blue,
    royal leggings of embers, pendant of the magi, charger of the fallen, boomstick, shamino's crossbow.

    In bank box: 9 taint, 12 puterfaction, 31 blight, 29 muculent, 5 diseased bark, dread horn mane, 18 corruption, 8 scourge,
    2 tome of the lost knowledge, scrapper's compendium, 3 eye of the travesty, 1 heritage, 50 pet parrots, runebooks,
    and a scrapper's compendium recipe scroll,
    deed for 105 hides, broards 702, arrowes 1182, bolts 450, 161 zoogi fungus
    2 hair dyes, 1 pigments of tokuno with 8 uses remaining berserker red, the horselord, mischief maker, sword of the stampede,
    bank checks for 200,295; 85,487; 36,017

    NEVEC / elder stoic

    eval int. 100.0
    magery 108.3
    meditation 110.0
    necro 55.5
    resist spells 101.0
    spellweaving 52.0
    spirit speak 84.0

    str 109, dex 26, int. 145
    phy resist 70, fire 70, cold 61, poison 58, engergy 60

    has on him: kasa of the raj-in, transparent ear rings, pendant of the magi, scrapper's compendium with +11 magery,
    totem of the void, shield of invulnerability, robe of the equinox,royal britannia guard sash, heart of the lion,
    stitcher's mittens, ethereal unicorn, boomstick, royal leggings of embers
    bank box check for 188,644

    Orville / elder Bard

    eval int 56.3
    meditation 85.8
    discordance 52.7
    musicianship 110.4
    peacemaking 103.6
    provocation 52.7

    str 100, dex 25, int 105
    resist phy -6, fire 51, cold 34, poison 28, enegry 42

    has on him: shield of invulnerability, ice white robe 5th year vet reward, copper cloak 1st year vet reward,
    sandals blessed with his name on them

    3 full soulstones no skills stored on them, robe of the eclipse, heritage token, 48 blue diamonds, golen skull,
    10 white pearl, swords of prosperity, heart of the lion, 2 soulstone fragment, resolve's bridle,
    gold 218,434; scroll of alacrity spirit speak, unknown skeleton 2 bard's, 2 rogue's, 1 mage's, runebooks,
    burglar's bandana, axe of the heavens cursed, pitcher of liquor, hair dye,
    a wizard's hat of exceptional quality, roast pig, a fancy shirt of exceptional quality,
    a migic tambourina, large aquarium (east)

    Snow Pirate / master Fisherman

    anatomy 89.9
    parrying 92.3
    swords 84.9
    tactics 57.4
    chivalry 61.5
    magery 54.1
    resist spells 48.1
    fishing 93.4

    str 97, dex 59, int 74
    resist phy 56, fire 70, cold 66, poison 70, energy 70

    has on him: storm grips, soul seeker,
    bank box check 300,495; 6 heritage tokens, rope, brightsight lenses, pendant of the magi, 2 ships

    Valkyrie / master tailor

    blacksmithy 85.8
    carpentry 50.0
    lumber jacking 51.5
    mining 90.4
    tailoring 94.5
    tinkering 86.3
    magery 73.8

    str 125, dex 33, int 72
    resist phy 70, fire 62, cold 70, poison 38, energy 57

    agapite cloak 2nd year vet reward

    bank box: 1 ship, 7 sos's, sandals age of shadows, 2 heritage tokens, crystal token, box of shadow items,
    recipe scoll mischief maker, clothing bless deed, personal attendant for wolves Raine,
    bank check for 66,724; 70,861; 60,047; 240,000; 220,511
    2 deeds with 5000 golden ingots, deed bronze ingots 4950
    black dye tub, leather dye tub, furniture dye tub, special dye tub, dye tub
    scrolls 105 to 110 and +5 & +10

    3 are in the Guild: The royal Britannian Guards (RBG)

    Asking $50.00

    ICQ: 459 026 507 DAYTIME
    ICQ: 352 641 577 NIGHTS
  2. NEVEC

    NEVEC Guest

  3. NEVEC

    NEVEC Guest

  4. NEVEC

    NEVEC Guest

    Taking Offers?
  5. Bazer

    Bazer Slightly Crazed
    Professional Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Oct 7, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Does accounts come with any houses?
  6. NEVEC

    NEVEC Guest

    There are no houses with this account. The 101 month old account has a small house outside Luna on chessy. The listing on the 101 shows where the house is.
  7. NEVEC

    NEVEC Guest

    Price Drop will take $50.00 paypal.
  8. NEVEC

    NEVEC Guest

    Looking for offers PM me.